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Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyers Educate You on Your Rights

Did you or a loved one come to enjoy the many tourist attractions of Las Vegas and end up with a fall instead? Slip and fall lawyers can help if you are visiting from out of town and sustain an injury. Whether you trip on unsecured carpet in a casino or slip and fall in your hotel’s lobby, seeking local, legal help is imperative to making your case. Unfortunately, many slip and fall cases result in more than a bruise or a bump. Some people sustain serious injuries and may require hospitalization. For those who don’t have health insurance, the financial burden of rising medical costs can be overwhelming. If you’ve been injured during a visit to Las Vegas, know your rights.  For example, if your hotel floor was mopped, yet the janitor didn’t post a sign and you slip, fall and sustain an injury, the hotel may be liable. Upon injury it’s imperative you reach out to Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers to establish a home base for possible legal action. Read More… Finding the Best Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyers If you’re from out of town, finding the best Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers may seem a daunting task. Here are some things you can do to make an easier choice:
  • Ask for referrals: if you are visiting friends in Las Vegas or perhaps attending a convention, ask the locals about a good slip and fall lawyer
  • Check with the Nevada Bar Association: the bar has a list of Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers in addition to personal injury and workers compensation attorneys
  • Interview at least two or three slip and fall law firms before making a decision: inquire about expenses, experience and request a list of references
Remember, if you’re concerned about attorney fees, many Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. Finally, select Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers based on how you are treated during your visit.  Do the attorneys call you by name and appear genuinely interested in helping you? Or are you just another file number for the firm? Hopefully you won’t require the assistance of Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers, but in case you do, contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez, at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Las Vegas Social Security Disability Lawyers Fight For Your Rights

If your SSDI claim has been denied, you’ll need an aggressive team of Las Vegas social security disability lawyers on your side. If you are disabled and unable to retain a regular paying job for at least 12 months, you have a right to seek social security disability. Although you may have a reasonable case, the Social Security Administration may have denied your claim leaving you out in the cold. At this point you can either give up, try to wade through mounting debt and distress, or you can fight back. Fighting back means filing for Reconsideration or a Hearing:
  • Reconsideration is when legal counsel represents you in a written appeal. Nevada laws are constantly changing so obtaining social security disability lawyers is imperative to obtaining a positive outcome
  • Hearing, otherwise called an “Administrative Law Judge Hearing” takes place where testimony is taken under oath.  While this is a traditional court hearing, it takes place in a less formal setting
Before developing a strategy, your attorney will carefully review the case to determine which approach will work best for your case. In some cases the Social Security Administration may have overlooked important case details, which can be brought to light by insightful Las Vegas social security disability lawyers. Read More… Can Las Vegas Social Security Disability Lawyers Help You Win Your Appeal? Las Vegas social security disability lawyers will help you prove that your disability prevents you from working 12 consecutive months. Experienced SSDI attorneys will take a methodical approach to your case, analyzing each part of it.  Your attorney will:
  • Assemble necessary paperwork, evidence and medical records for evaluation
  • Communicate with your physicians to obtain additional medical reports
  • Evaluate and analyze current Social Security laws to determine if your disability falls under the guidelines
  • Furnish you with legal documentation for your appeal
  • Follow up post Reconsideration or Hearing
Don’t miss out on compensation that is rightly yours. Contact skilled and tactful Las Vegas social security disability lawyers for justice. Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

An experienced Las Vegas Accident Lawyer will advise Caution During Celebrations

An accident lawyer in Las Vegas is the last thing on your mind this time of the year, right? Early summer in Las Vegas brings plenty of reasons to celebrate.  So why think about injuries and legal cases? However, celebrations can often lead to reckless behavior. Party guests may not make wise choices, which could lead to injury. In fact, some mistakes may lead to the injury of another, prompting the need for an accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Did you know?
  • In the same amount of time that 2,600 Americans were killed in Iraq, 2,200 youths age 16 to 19 died in car crashes? *
  • Overzealous or intoxicated party goers may make poor decisions during a celebration such as jumping off a roof into a pool
  • Injuries can also result from overcrowded rooms or unattended slippery floors
  • Drivers heading to or from parties may be texting on their mobile devices while driving resulting in collisions and accidents
*Source: The University of Colorado Hospital Additionally, as the party host you may be liable for injury stemming from your party, creating the need to seek legal counsel from an accident lawyer.   If you’ve been injured by the fault of another, contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to determine if you have a case.  Only an experienced attorney can determine if legal action is in your best interest. Party Safety from a Leading Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas An experienced accident lawyer at the GGRM Law Firm in Las Vegas will caution you  that by taking a few safety-oriented steps you can reduce the possibility of injury at your party or any celebration:
  • Never drink and drive, nor allow a guest to leave your party intoxicated – take the keys and arrange for a cab or alternative transportation
  • Never serve alcohol to anyone under age – not only can they get in trouble, you can too
  • Have plenty of food on hand to ensure that if people are drinking they aren’t doing so on an empty stomach
  • Serve a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soda or punch
  • Ensure you have enough “hosts” available to survey the party and prevent guests from making reckless recreational decisions
Unfortunately, not all hosts are as careful and alert as they should be; which can put you at risk for injury. Reduce the chances of needing an accident lawyer in Las Vegas by taking a few conscious safety measures when throwing or attending a party.   If you need legal assistance, meet the team with over 40 years of experience – Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez. A strong Las Vegas accident lawyer will have worked on numerous “post-celebration” cases and can help you get back on your feet. Summer time is often about relaxation and celebration.  However, in the unfortunate event that you need an accident lawyer in Las Vegas, contact us online or call 702-388-GGRM (4476).