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Why Having a Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyer is Important

Unfortunately, millions of people seek the aid of a dog bite lawyer after being attacked.  With the annual costs of medical treatments totaling $165 million, insurance carriers may not be covering all expenses. When your insurance no longer covers your treatment, where do you turn? Because dog bites are almost always serious, lengthy medical intervention may be required. Even a puncture wound on the arm may require stitches and antibiotics to prevent infection. Those unfortunate to be mauled by a vicious dog may end up disfigured and require numerous surgeries, ongoing physical therapy and psychological counseling. Both adults and children can become victims of dog bites, but children are often the easier, more frequent targets.  Approximately 50% of school-aged children have been bitten by a dog at some point in their young lives. While some breeds may be targeted as “aggressive breeds” it’s important to understand that any dog can attack, sometimes unprovoked. Read More… Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyer: How to Identify the Signs of an Impending Dog Attack A skilled dog bite lawyer can not only fight for you in court but can also advise you on how to avoid becoming a victim. Take a common sense approach to animals and avoid getting bitten:
  • Never approach or try to pet an unfamiliar dog
  • If the dog approaches you, avoid making eye contact with the dog
  • Don’t make funny noises or growl at the dog
  • If the dog sniffs or comes near you, calmly stand still like a tree – never scream and run
  • Never disturb a dog who is sleeping, eating or taking care of puppies
Most importantly, teach children proper respect for animals as it will help keep them safe and reduce their risk of animal attacks and dog bites. Although many people attempt to practice this common sense approach, some dogs will still attack. If you’ve been bitten, contact an experienced Las Vegas dog bite lawyer to ensure you are compensated. For more information or a free consultation, contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez online or call 702-388-GGRM (4476).