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Traffic Accident Attorney Addresses Street Racing Dangers

An experienced traffic accident attorney has seen the hazards and dangers created by street racing. Victims of street racing often don’t realize what is happening until it is too late and they’ve been hit by an irresponsible driver. Alcohol or other illegal substances may also play a part in many drag or street races, typically involving two or more parties wagering bets. Some staggering statistics are below:

  • In 2001, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported that 135 incidents were street racing-related crashes, with up to 72 street racing-related deaths reported in 2000
  • More than 800 illegal street racing citations were delivered in 2001
  • In some cities and states, street racing has become such a serious problem it’s considered to be an epidemic
  • The NTSB lists auto accidents as a leading cause of death for people age 16 to 20
  • On a national scale, 49 people are injured for every 1,000 who are involved in illegal street racing

Traffic Accident Attorney Advises On What Can You Do About Street Racing

A traffic accident attorney will tell you that you don’t have to sit by and let others rule the road. If you’ve been a victim of illegal street racing, talk to an attorney who handles auto involved crashes. People who are involved in illegal street racing may face the following consequences:

  • Be arrested and have their vehicle impounded for up to 30 days
  • Be sent to prison for up to three months and fined up to $1,000
  • Illegal street racing spectators may be served similar consequences as those who are racing
  • Participant’s driver’s license may be revoked
  • Vehicle insurance rates may either skyrocket or insurance may be completely canceled

Learn more about what to do if you or a loved one was a victim of street racing and contact a traffic accident attorney at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm. Call now for a free consultation at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Call A Bike Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been Struck By a Motorist

A bike accident lawyer with experience knows how to pursue cases where a bicyclist has been hit by a motorist. While bike rider death statistics are going down in the U.S., more riders are being injured. Take a look at some of these statistics:
  • More injuries are occurring amongst bike riders. In 2009, 51,000 riders were injured, up from 43,000 in 2007
  • The average age of a cyclist killed on U.S. roads is 41
  • Reported in 2008, alcohol played a role in 37% of bicycle related accident deaths
  • Bike deaths represent 2% of all traffic fatalities
  • People are, however, getting the message about bike safety. In 2009, 630 bicyclists died on US roads compared to 718 in 2008, 1,003 in 1975
  • Nevada law states that riders under the age of 17 must wear a helmet if you are riding in the Duckwater Indian Reservation or Reno/Sparks Indian Colony

Bike Accident Lawyer’s Advice On How to Avoid an Accident

Avoid being in an accident by following tips provided by a bike accident lawyer:
  • When riding at night always use a front headlight so oncoming vehicles can see you
  • Make eye contact or wave at drivers so you know they see you
  • Slow down if you can’t make eye contact with drivers—if you have to stop, please do so; it’s better than getting hit
  • Ride toward the left of the bike lane so cars are more likely to see you
  • Ride with traffic instead of going against it
  • When riding with traffic, don’t stop in the car’s blind spot. Instead stop directly behind the car rather than to the right of it
  • Look behind you when making turns to ensure you don’t get side-swiped

If you’ve been hit by a car while riding your bike, contact a top bike accident lawyer at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm. Call for a free consultation at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Personal Injury Cases – Each One is Different

Personal injury cases can have a myriad of circumstances and situations associated with them. It takes the long-standing and varied experience of an established law firm to understand the subtle differences from one case to another. It is this discerning quality you need to look for when deciding which law firm in Las Vegas may be ideally suited to handling your personal injury case.

To give you an idea of how different personal injury cases can be, take a look at what type of issues may be included under personal injury law:

  • Auto accidents
  • Injuries in casinos / hotels / restaurants—quite a number in Las Vegas
  • Hit and run cases
  • Air show accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Holiday shopping injuries—yes, those Boxing Day stampedes you hear about in the news are very real!
  • Injury from a botched plastic surgery
  • Injury caused by a defective product and/or inadequate instructions on safe usage
  • Street racing accidents
  • Taxicab and bus accidents
  • Drunk driving injuries and fatalities
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Brain injury
  • Post-traumatic stress related injuries

Costs for Personal Injury Cases Can Be Handled on
a Contingency Basis

Don’t avoid seeking legal help for personal injury cases because you think the costs are prohibitive; they are not. The initial consultation with an attorney at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm, for example, is free. This free consultation is the opportunity for the attorneys and clients to explore all legal angles and implications related to the case at hand in order to determine a strategy and pricing.

Some common questions the lawyer will address at the start may be:

  • When and how did the injury occur?
  • Who witnessed the injury?
  • What does the client hope to achieve from legal action?
  • Who is the intended defendant in the case and what is his or her involvement?

A good attorney will also offer some insights at this stage about how long it can take to pursue legal action, what resources must be sought, how much court time is likely to be involved, approximate witness fees and cost of filing the claim. As a client you should also inquire about the Las Vegas personal injury attorney’s hourly rate and take that into account along with the total number of hours estimated to pursue the case.

Ask if the law firm will take the case on a contingency basis. If you win, the attorney is given a percentage of the settlement, but if you lose the case, the attorney will not charge you. Be aware that most attorneys will only take a case on a contingency basis if chances of winning are strong. This contingency fee system works well in personal injury cases because:

  • Often, injured parties are unable to work and they cannot afford to pay an hourly fee
  • Legal assistance becomes available to everyone regardless of financial status
  • Allows the true, strong cases to come to court and filters out claims that could possibly be settled out of court
  • Risk is equally distributed among and shared by the client and the law firm

Call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm today at 702-388-GGRM (4476) for a consultation or get in touch online for legal advice on personal injury cases.

Don’t Suffer in Silence – Call a Slip and Fall Attorney and Protect Your Rights

It is common for individuals to lament a slip and fall accident and yet not do anything about it. If you have been injured due to slipping and falling and the reason was the negligence of another party, don’t keep quiet about it. A slip and fall attorney can make you aware of your rights. Not only do you deserve to be compensated by the negligent party but you also owe it to others around you—you can help make sure that no further injuries occur the same way yours did. Statistics revealed in the 5th edition of Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets show that 85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. Figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2002) indicate that 22% of slip and fall cases are the cause of more than a month of time away from work. The medical expenses and compensation fees involved when it comes to slip and fall accidents is in the range of $70 billion annually as quoted in the 2003 edition of the National Safety Council Injury Facts. Research, based in part on insurance industry claims data shows that 55% of all slip, trip, and fall accidents are due to improper walking surfaces. Data sources:

What Types of Cases Does a Slip and Fall Attorney Handle?

There are so many ways in which slip and fall accidents can happen. Typically, when the traction between the feet and the surface being walked upon is inadequate, a slip or fall can occur. A slip and fall attorney sees the whole gamut of causes behind slip and fall accidents:
  • wet or slick surfaces caused by spills, rain water, snow or ice
  • coming loose or wrinkling and creasing of a floor mat, rug, carpet, or buckled laminate that causes a person to trip and fall
  • cracks, dips and bumps in the floor that make it an uneven surface to walk on
  • Narrow, steep or completely unexpected steps without warning that may cause a person to be unprepared to navigate them without slipping and falling
  • Insufficient light where the floor or steps are not clearly visible
  • Loose rubble or debris on the walking area
  • Cabling, wires or ropes that are unraveled and lying carelessly on the floor leading to tripping and falling
Whatever may have caused you or a loved one to slip and fall, if it could have been avoided by someone else taking care to remove the cause, you have the right to be compensated for your injury.

Get in touch with a slip and fall attorney in Las Vegas to become aware of your rights and gain rightful compensation. Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm. Call for a free consultation at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Injured by a Defective Product? Call a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Las Vegas

A workers' comp attorney can help if you've been injured at work due to the use of a defective product. By definition, "A product is in a defective condition, unreasonably dangerous to the user, when it has a propensity or tendency for causing physical harm beyond that which would be contemplated by the ordinary user, having ordinary knowledge of the product's characteristics commonly known to the foreseeable class of persons who would normally use the product." In addition to being aware of defective products in the home, employees should be aware of faulty products at work. Examples could be:
  • A company car issued for an employee or on-the-job use that malfunctions, causing injury
  • A piece of office equipment such as a copy machine, paper cutter or step stool that breaks and injures the worker
  • Malfunctioning heavy equipment used in construction or farming that could cause injury or death
  • Slip-protected flooring that gets wet but still becomes a slipping hazard, causing employees to get hurt

Workers' Comp Attorney in Las Vegas: Avoid Injury from Defective Products

Instead of being victimized by faulty products, a workers' comp attorney in Las Vegas advises clients to be proactive and take steps to stay safe:
  • Research the products used at your company and check for product recalls and updates on a regular basis
  • Perform weekly or monthly maintenance checks on heavy equipment to ensure safe use
  • Alert management if a product used at work has been recalled and then immediately stop using it
  • Use products according to label directions. If you misuse or improperly use a product and are injured, you assume the risk for injury

Consult a workers' comp attorney in Las Vegas at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm and book a free consultation. Give us a call at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Handles Botched Plastic Surgery

Patients should call a personal injury attorney if victimized in a botched plastic surgery. In addition to the shame and embarrassment of possibly being disfigured at the hands of a physician, patients endure months and possibly years of excruciating pain and suffering. In most cases, the only way to correct bad plastic surgery is through a series of new surgeries, which may not always completely fix the problem.

Some results of botched plastic surgery include:

  • Lifelong complications: although corrective surgeries can be performed, patients may be left scarred and in need of medication and therapy that can last a lifetime
  • Chronic pain: between silicon breast implant leaks to aggressive lipo, chronic pain may plague individuals for years
  • Loss of work: due to pain and suffering some victims of botched plastic surgery may lose their job or are unable to work
  • Ongoing therapy: both physical and mental therapy may be required in order to get past bad plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Statistics from a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney who is experienced in dealing with botched plastic surgery cases knows that cosmetic surgeries are on the rise. With plastic surgery taking the spotlight in the media, more people are going under the knife to achieve that “perfect” appearance. There is also an increase in the number of bad surgeries being reported in the press.

Did you know?

  • Nearly 12 million people had plastic surgery in 2007—a 59% increase from 2000, and counting
  • Plastic surgery is gaining popularity in the middle class. The majority of plastic surgery patients, (60%) reported a household income of less than $90,000 a year (only 10% had an income of $90,000 or more)
  • Women are more likely to have plastic surgery than men. Only 10% of the surgeries were for men


If you’ve been a victim of bad plastic surgery, contact a personal injury attorney at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm for a free consultation. Give us a call at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Reports Hit and Run Statistics

A motor vehicle accident lawyer can assist you and your family should you experience the trauma of being the victim of a hit and run accident. Often victims of a hit and run feel as if they’ve been violated twice—once when they were hit, but then again when the other party showed no remorse or didn’t care enough to stop to see if the victim was okay. Unfortunately, hit and run incidents are on the rise, especially in the Las Vegas area. Here are some statistics:
  • Federal research shows that more hit and run incidents occur in the western section of the country
  • Hit and run accidents have increased by 15% since 2000
  • The Insurance Information Institute reports that the majority of hit and run accidents resulted in property damage
  • The Las Vegas area has experienced a 45% increase in hit and runs since 2001
  • Statistics from the Auto Club report that unlicensed drivers are some of the deadliest on the road making up for approximately 20% of all crashes

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer: What To Do If Involved in a Hit & Run?
While it may be difficult to identify the other driver, contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer immediately to assist you with pursuing a case:
  • Even when the crash only involves property, the driver is legally required to stop and make a reasonable effort to contact the other party
  • Hit and run accidents may result in prison time and fines
  • Trying to find a hit and run driver may be very difficult to accomplish. Even if you can identify the vehicle, some areas require that a witness prove the driver was responsible before prosecution can commence
  • Every victim of a hit and run driver has the right to pursue a case in court to cover medical expenses, repairs and other aspects influenced by the accident
Learn more about what to do if you or a loved one was a victim of a hit and run accident. Contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm or call for a free consultation at 702-388-GGRM (4476).

Have You Experienced Personal Injury in Vegas?

Personal injury in Vegas often results from being injured in one of the many casinos in the area. Common types of casino injuries include:
  • Slip and fall accidents: one of the most common accidents on casino grounds is slipping and falling due to unsafe conditions such as tripping hazards or unmarked slippery floors.
  • Security guard assault: in some cases security guards may be called to resolve disputes or escort patrons out of the casino. Although security guards play an important role, they must adhere to laws pertaining to how they interact with patrons.
  • Injury or assault by another casino patron: assault or physical attack by another patron on or around casino grounds.
  • Pedestrian accidents on casino property: pedestrians hit by racing taxis, other pedestrians or casino vehicles.
  • Injury or accidents inside casino hotel rooms or in common areas: injury in hotel room, bathroom, spa, pool, bedroom, in the hallway or elevator.

What to Do if You’ve Experienced Personal Injury in Vegas?

If you are a victim of personal injury in Vegas you should know what to do to protect your rights:
  • Report the incident to casino management or security staff. In the event you’ve been hurt due to a slippery floor or tripped over a rug, alert a manager. However, if another patron has assaulted you, contact security and possibly the Las Vegas police.
  • Request a detailed report. Have the incident and your injury documented by the casino and ask for a copy.
  • Seek medical treatment. Even if you believe your injury is minor, visit your doctor or the nearest ER to determine the severity of your injury and receive timely treatment.
  • Contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. A good lawyer will have insight and background knowledge about how to handle casino injury cases.

If you’ve been the victim of personal injury in Vegas, contact GGRM Law for a free consultation. Call 702-388-GGRM (4476) today.