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Where and What Kind of Fireworks are Legal in Las Vegas

Las Vegas certainly loves to party. However, that doesn't mean the city doesn't also believe in keeping residents safe with firework regulations. Fireworks are both legal and illegal depending upon where you go, what you use, and when.

Legal Fireworks

Las Vegas Fireworks

It's actually illegal to buy, sell, and even possess fireworks in Clark County for most of the year, with the week leading up to the New Year being one of the few exceptions. During this week, all fireworks legally sold in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson must be classified 'Safe and 'Sane'. You can buy these fireworks from licensed vendors that have been approved by the Clark County fire department.

'Safe and Sane' fireworks are those that have been designed not to propel themselves forward or upwards and are generally less powerful and less unpredictable than their illegal counterparts. Examples of such Safe and Sane fireworks include sparklers and champagne poppers that use tiny charges.

Illegal fireworks can generally be classified as anything that explodes, flies, or otherwise twirls on the ground in an uncontrollable manner. This includes sky rockets, bottle rockets, firecrackers, and M-80s. These restrictions are designed to reduce the injuries, deaths, structural and environmental damages related to the improper use of fireworks.

Legal Places to Use

In addition to ensuring you buy the right legal fireworks, it's important to understand the legal places you can use those fireworks. The general rule of thumb is, you can use fireworks on any private property you have permission to use. It is illegal to use fireworks, including the Safe and Sane ones, on or at the following locations:

  • City, county, state, and federal property
  • Mount Charleston
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Lake Mead
  • Schools
  • Parks

The penalty for being caught lighting any fireworks in these areas can be as much as $5,000, sometimes even more.

Of course, you can skip the risks altogether and enjoy professional pyrotechnic shows sanctioned and sponsored by the city and local casinos. The Strip will be showcasing incredible firework displays on New Years and New Years Eve in addition to exciting live entertainment.

The Attorneys at GGRM wish everyone a safe and fun New Years. If you've been personally injured in someone else's illegal (or legal) fireworks doing, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact GGRM at 702-338-4476 to schedule a free consultation.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Contaminated Drinking Water

When news broke about the contaminated water in Flint, Mich., local, state and federal officials responded with outrage and money. Lawsuits were filed, bills were passed and everyone vowed the victims would be compensated.

Why did it take a scandal and crisis of epic proportions for justice to be served? What about those in Las Vegas whose lives are adversely affected by contaminated drinking water?

How do they get justice?

Thankfully, there are Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who understand laws related to safe drinking water, how to fight for justice and who to hold accountable when water becomes contaminated.

The Laws

Because hydration is essential for survival, local, state and federal governments have passed laws to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water.

At a federal level, the Safe Drinking Water Act governs how public drinking water across the country should be protected. Its mandates are carried out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which sets the national standards for drinking water quality.

The safety of Nevada's drinking water is managed by the state's Division of Environmental Protection. In Las Vegas, the city relies on the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Each of these agencies work to ensure drinking water meets standards set by the EPA.

The Causes

Even with local, state and federal agencies working to protect drinking water, there are still issues with safety (as evidenced by what occurred in Flint, Mich.).

Contamination can come from a variety of sources, especially in Las Vegas, where drinking water comes from the Colorado River.

Fertilizers, pesticides and livestock waste often make their way into rivers, which can lead to contamination. Manufacturing facilities have been known to improperly dispose of waste, causing contamination. Local governments have contributed to contamination through sewer overflows and the malfunction of wastewater treatment plants.

When contamination occurs, it puts the public at risk for health problems, including abdominal pain and cramps, problems sleeping, fatigue, high blood pressure and even kidney dysfunction or failure.

High levels of lead in drinking water can harm children, causing low IQ, hearing loss, growth delays and behavioral problems.

The Liability

It shouldn't take around-the-clock news coverage for contaminated drinking water to be acknowledged and addressed. But sadly, the problem too often gets buried beneath bureaucracy.

Public and private entities must comply with the local, state and federal laws and ordinances that regulate drinking water. When they don't, water can become contaminated and people can become sick. When contamination occurs, it's important the problem be addressed before it gets worse.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers are here for you

The good news is there are Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who understand the law, how to prove drinking water is contaminated and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. If you have been harmed by contaminated water, contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476 today, for a free consultation.

What is Tort Reform and How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas can Help

Tort reform is a legalese description of specific legislature designed to limit plaintiff's ability to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Tort reform has become a particularly heated issue in recent years as there has been a rise in the amount of people who feel the current U.S. justice system gives victims too much power in seeking compensation. Tort reform laws thus seek to re-balance the scales of justice. However, too often the burden of new legislature falls on victims seeking fair compensation for medical bills and related costs. That's why it's important for all citizens to understand tort reform and how personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas work with it:

The Basics of Tort and Tort Reform

Torts are any style of wrongfully done harm or injury that the law allows for victims to seek re-compensation via a civil suit. Torts do not generally arise out of contract-breaking, but rather out of bodily injuries made against a person.

The theory behind tort laws is, victims should not have to pay the price for other peoples' negligence or recklessness; the person or organization responsible for damages and injuries should likewise be responsible for paying the victim an amount necessary to recover from those damages and injures.

For example, a person injured after given the wrong medication by a doctor may file a civil suit to hold that doctor and/or their healthcare institution responsible for those injuries. That person is capable of recovering money for their damages because the doctor committed a tort.

Tort reform describes a variety of laws that limit these types of lawsuits. Advocates of tort reform primarily have one or both of the following goals in mind:

  • Reduce and limit how much money victims can receive in a personal injury suit.
  • Make it harder for people to amplify or fake injuries so they may sue for more money.

For example, in October 2003, the Nevada Legislature enacted several tort reform laws in regards to medical malpractice. They both shrank the statute of limitations by which a victim may file a lawsuit from two years with exceptions to extend the date down to one year and capped the financial limit of re-compensation to $350,000 for pain and suffering.

Tort Reform and You

While tort reform has mostly been a state issue thus far, it has been a topic of federal debate and some anticipate new federal tort reform laws are on the horizon. Because of this and because you live in a state that has already adopted tort reform laws, it's important to seek out expert personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas as soon as possible following an accident. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers will help you sift through the tort reform laws that pertain to your case and ensure your suit is executed in such a way that best benefits you.

Contact GGRM, the Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

If you have suffered a personal injury and are seeking compensation don’t hesitate to contact the personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, GGRM. With a free consultation they will provide you the best legal service in Nevada. Call 702-388-4476 today, and let them handle the legal obstacles you may face.

Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays are a special time of year filled with family, friends, and plenty of danger.

Sadly, what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year often leaves people black and blue and seeing red. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of Americans each year are injured in decorating-related incidents. Hundreds of others lose their homes due to Christmas tree fires. Then there are slips, falls and electrical shocks, which often lead people to contact personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas.

If you're hosting or planning a holiday party this year, take a look at these nine tips for keeping your home, your guests and yourself safe:

1) Don't overload outlets

Your appliances and decorations will likely be doing double duty during the holidays. Resist the urge to overload your electrical outlets, which is a common cause of fires. Look for damaged sockets, bare wires and loose connections. They can cause fires and shock you if they are not properly taken care of.

2) Stick to three strings of lights

You might be tempted to illuminate your house like Clark Griswold in "Christmas Vacation." That's fine--as long as you don't connect more than three strings of lights to one another. Any more than that can blow a fuse or cause a fire.

3) Water your tree

Dried out Christmas trees cause dozens of home fires each year. Keep your tree watered and wet. When putting lights on your tree make sure they are LED lights. Unlike older Christmas lights, LED’s do not get hot when left on for long periods of time.

4) Be careful with the candles

Candles are wonderful for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere, but they also start nearly half of all house fires. Be careful with them or consider using battery operated candles.

5) Control your cords

Electrical cords come complete with an array of dangers. They can shock people, cause fires and make people fall. Keep them under control by taping them to floors, making sure they don't get pinched and keeping them away from heat sources.

6) Use certified decorations

Your decorations should be certified by an independent testing laboratory to ensure they are safe and do not contain hazardous materials. For example, look for decorations approved by Underwriters Laboratories.

7) Cook carefully

Food poisoning and kitchen fires are no fun at all. Make sure you avoid them both by cooking carefully. Stay in the kitchen when cooking, follow all instructions for defrosting and cooking meat and make sure you have a fire extinguisher near the stove at all times. If it’s tradition in your family to have young children help cook, supervise them at all times when in the kitchen.

8) Turn off your decorations when you're not home

Decorations are only beautiful if you're there to enjoy them. Turn them off when you're not at home.

9) Contact GGRM, the personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas

If you or someone you love is injured this holiday season because someone failed to follow these safety tips, consider calling a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. To schedule a free consultation, contact the personal injury attorneys of Las Vegas, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, and Martinez at 702-388-4476. They'll work to make sure you're fairly compensated for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

What Can You Discuss With Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer?

Anyone who has watched a prime-time television drama about lawyers has heard of attorney-client privilege. But until you have actually sat down to speak with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, you might not know what it actually means.

Everyone who needs a lawyer has a story to tell and a lot of questions they want answered. The first question typically relates to what they can and cannot discuss with their attorneys.

Here's a look at attorney-client privilege and how it could affect your personal injury case:

What is attorney-client privilege?

At its core, attorney-client privilege simply means your lawyer may not reveal information you share without your expressed permission. It's designed to make sure you can confide in your attorney freely and without the fear of having your words used against you. Without attorney-client privilege, it would be difficult for you to trust your lawyer and for your lawyer to trust they have heard your entire story. Trust is a hallmark on which relationships are built and cases are effectively handled.

When does attorney-client privilege apply?

Not every conversation you have with your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer is covered by attorney-client privilege. Only conversations and communications (written letters, emails and texts) between you and your licensed attorney maybe considered confidential. If other people are involved in the communication, attorney-client privilege may not apply.

In addition, you either need to be the lawyer's client or attempting to become a client. This means preliminary consultations with attorneys are covered by attorney-client privilege. It also only applies when you are seeking legal advice. It does not apply if you are attempting to commit a crime, if you are having casual conversations with a lawyer who is not--or you do not want--representing you, or if the conversation is overheard by other people who are not part of your legal team.

How does attorney-client privilege apply to personal injury cases?

When you are seeking a lawyer for a personal injury issue, the conversations you have with your attorney are covered--from the initial consultation to subsequent conversations.

However, it is possible and even likely that information you share with your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will be open to discovery if you and your attorney decide to sue someone or take your case to court. The other side's legal team will be entitled to the facts of the case, meaning much of what you share with your lawyer could become public knowledge or at least known in court as the lawsuit proceeds. However, the other side may not ask you to disclose the actual content of your conversations with your attorney.

When should you seek confidential advice from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer?

If you are injured in an automobile crash, slip, fall, work accident or another incident involving personal injury, it might be a good idea to protect your interests by consulting a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

For a free, confidential consultation and an opportunity to share your story, contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476. They'll listen, advise and answer all your legal questions.

Can Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys Send the Faulty Party to Jail?

People involved in a personal injury case often wonder exactly what’s at stake. One of the main questions you may have is about the possible penalties in a personal injury case. If you’re suing someone, you might wonder if they’ll face jail time if you win the case. If you’re the defendant in this type of case, you may fear you could go to jail if you don’t prevail in court.

The following information from Las Vegas personal injury attorneys explains the main points of a personal injury case and clears up the questions you may have about penalties:

Civil vs. criminal law

A personal injury case is handled as a civil case. These types of cases don’t involve any jail or prison time. Criminal cases, on the other hand, can result in incarceration.

Ultimately, a civil case – such as a personal injury suit – involves money rather than jail time. If you are suing someone and the judge or jury finds in your favor, you’ll be able to collect damages (money) to help compensate you for your injuries. You may receive money to help pay medical bills, for lost work time, and provide money for any pain and suffering you may have endured because of the injury.

Who brings the case?

Another difference between civil cases such as a personal injury case and a criminal case is that representatives of the government charge someone with a criminal act. These prosecutors will decide whether to bring a case to court, where the defendant can face prison time, probation, and/or fines if he or she is found guilty.

A different level of proof

Another key difference between criminal and civil cases is the standard of proof applied to these types of cases. In a criminal case, the burden of proof is very high. The government’s representatives must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, however, the plaintiff and his or her Las Vegas personal injury attorneys must prove the case by a preponderance of evidence.

Contact Las Vegas personal injury attorneys

Although civil cases don’t involve jail time, they’re still very important to the parties involved and can be complicated. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence or deliberate action, contact the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-GGRM (4476) for a free consultation.

GGRM Sponsors the IPOF Golf Tournament in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Police

In today's highly charged social climate, it's difficult not to think about – and be grateful for – the risks police officers in the Las Vegas and Henderson area take every single day to ensure our safety.

Every time they pull over a motorist, they take a risk. Every time they respond to a domestic call, they take a risk. And every time they investigate a suspicious person in a resident's backyard late at night, they risk their own safety.

Sometimes, the risk escalates and a confrontation ensues, leaving the injured officer and his or her family grappling with medical expenses not always covered by insurance.

It's one thing – and no small thing – to empathize with officers who face this predicament. It's another thing to be able to do something about their plight. So when the opportunity arose to contribute to the Injured Police Officer's Fund, as a featured sponsor of the 11th annual John and Goldie Moran Golf Classic, the law partners at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez eagerly stepped up to the challenge.

"Being a sponsor is really the least we could do to show our appreciation to the police officers in our community," partner Gabriel Martinez said. "We owe the safety we take for granted every day to their hard work and dedication."

Partners believe fund represents a hole in one

The golf classic is one of the two major fundraisers held each year by the Injured Police Officer's Fund. The fund aims to lessen the financial burden suffered by police officers and their families when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty. The other major fundraiser is the annual classic car show.

This year's golf tournament began early with a 7 a.m. shotgun scramble at the Bali Hai Golf Club, and then featured 18 holes of golf before an awards luncheon.

Of course, not everyone at the event was an avid golfer. So while some participants may have kept their eyes trained on the fairways, everyone stay focused on their fundamental goal.

Fund enjoys widespread support

The Injured Police Officer's Fund was established in 1982, after Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer James MacLaren was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop. MacLaren survived, but his injuries forced him into an early medical retirement.

To assist the MacLaren family, Sheriff John Moran and his wife Goldie held a fundraiser. The community response was so great the fund was born.

From the initial involvement of the metropolitan police, the fund has grown to include the:

  • Boulder City Police
  • City of Las Vegas Detention/Enforcement Police
  • City of Las Vegas Police
  • Clark County School District Police
  • Henderson Police
  • Mesquite Police
  • Nevada Highway Patrol
  • North Las Vegas Police
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas Police

As they research traffic accidents on behalf of their clients, the law partners at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez frequently come into contact with officers from many of these departments. And the respect the partners have developed for the officers' work ethic, dedication and integrity grows with every year.

"Police officers take risks most of us can't even comprehend," retired police officer and GGRM lawyer Toby Yurek said. "To thank us for being a sponsor is really beside the point. We need to show our support for everything the police do to protect our community, every day."

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Importance of a Medical Report for Your Work Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you don't like paperwork now, chances are you probably will by the time your workers' compensation case is concluded. Then again, if keeping track of paperwork is not your forte, you will need the best work accident law firm in Las Vegas, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, to manage it for you.

But it's not just the volume of the paperwork you should be concerned about; it's the nature of the paperwork. One of the most vital documents in a workers' compensation case is the medical report from your physician – and, if your case is disputed, an independent medical examination report. Like compasses, they could very well determine the direction of your case. Let the most skilled work accident law firm in Las Vegas make its own case about why.

Heed the importance of your medical records

Medical Exam Records

After sustaining a workplace injury, you must undergo a physical exam by a health care practitioner – a broad term which includes a surgeon, physician, chiropractor, podiatrist, dentist and psychologist. Any professional who has been a part of your recovery should file a report that should contain:

  • A complete description of the precise nature of your injury
  • A synopsis of the symptoms you are suffering
  • A recommended treatment plan
  • Your prognosis

Under Nevada law, you are entitled to obtain and inspect your medical records – as well you should. As the most experienced work accident law firm in Las Vegas knows only too well, oversights and errors can crop up on these reports. If you do not take time to review your records, these oversights and errors can go unchecked – and have potentially catastrophic consequences on your workers' compensation case.

Your case could be challenged

As you probably learned early on in your workers' compensation case, fault is a non-issue. You must prove only that you sustained an injury in the workplace in the course of doing your job. You do not have to show that your employer – or your co-workers – did or did not do anything to cause your injury.

Still, disputes sometimes arise in workers' compensation cases, and the insurance company of your employer may ask you to undergo what is called an independent medical exam by a physician of its choice.

It's important to remember the rules that generally govern the usual physician-patient relationship do not apply to this physician. In other words, anything you say to this physician is in no way privileged or protected information. In the same way, your actions and behavior can be used against you in a workers' compensation hearing, too.

Pointing this out in no way suggests you would say or do anything unethical. But as the savviest work accident law firm in Las Vegas knows only too well, honest misinterpretations and mixed signals can occur between patients and physicians.

Contact GGRM, the work accident law firm in Las Vegas

Clearly, the stakes are high in a workers' compensation case. And you want to ensure you have the most experienced and skilled work accident law firm in Las Vegas at your side. Schedule a free consultation with Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez. They can do more than help you manage the paperwork; they will become your staunchest advocate, fighting for your rights every step of the way. Call 702-388-4476 to schedule your free consultation today.

Steps to Take After Being Injured on the Job Offer

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Premise Liability

Home Injury

Here you are, in pain after having sustained an injury on somebody's property. You assume you have an "open and closed" personal injury case. But now someone has brought up the term "premise liability" and your head is starting to hurt, because of the confusion.

Let the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers of, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, clear the confusion. They have come to the financial and emotional rescue of thousands of injured southern Nevada residents since 1970. Personal injury litigation – as well as workers' compensation cases – are their specialty.

Premise liability is guided by logic

Many people assume they have an "open and closed" personal injury case. But GGRM will be the first to tell you: there is no such thing, and it would be a mistake to move forward with such an assumption.

You can take your clear thinking one step further when you come to understand that premise liability is a type of personal injury law. Premise liability law requires property owners to keep their property safe and free of hazards. If a known potential danger exists, property owners must warn visitors of the condition.

When property owners fail to keep their property safe and/or post a proper warning about a potential safety hazard, they may be found liable when a visitor suffers an accident and sustains an injury. Put another way, personal injury cases hinge on the issue of fault. A plaintiff must prove a property owner's action or inaction caused the injury to occur. Many plaintiffs turn to the most skilled personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas for remediation, wondering if their injury "qualifies" as a personal injury.

Premise liability types run the gamut

Many types of personal injury cases fall under the umbrella of a premise liability case. Slips and falls are by far the most common, followed by:

  • Dog bites
  • Escalator and elevator accidents
  • Faulty or problematical property conditions
  • Fire
  • Flooding accidents
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Inadequate security
  • Swimming pool accidents, including those that stem from a lack of fencing
  • Toxic chemicals or fumes
  • Water, snow and ice accidents

Negligence raises the bar of responsibility

While it's possible to sustain extensive physical injuries from such unsafe conditions, this benchmark alone is not enough to substantiate a premise liability case. Like all forms of personal injury, premise liability cases depend on the property owner being negligent. For example, the owner must have known that his or her property posed a hazard and still failed to take preventive steps to protect people from harm. This may constitute negligence, and it is a key differentiator in premise liability cases.

Contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers

When you have the experience and confidence of the Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez legal team on your side, you can stop sweating the details. Call the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation and stop feeling the pain – on myriad fronts.

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Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas Discuss Common Auto Accidents

Like other Las Vegas motorists, a week can hardly go by when you're not slowed down or even delayed by an accident.

Let the most experienced accident lawyers in Las Vegas, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, provide fair warning about the most common car accidents and, more importantly, how to avoid them.

Consider the five most common accidents

Of the 10 million or so car accidents each year on American roadways, five are far and beyond the most common, the National Safety Council says. These accidents are:

Freeway Accident

  • Rear-end accidents, which account for nearly one-third of all accidents. Comparatively, a relatively small percentage of these accidents result in fatalities, but they do cause millions of dollars in bodily injury and property damage, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says. Many people seek recourse by placing their trust in the most skilled accident lawyers in Las Vegas: Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez.
  • Side-impact accidents, which are often called "T-bone" accidents because of the position of the two vehicles after a collision. These accidents often cause more bodily and vehicle damage than rear-end accidents.
  • Head-on accidents, in which two vehicles collide head-to-head (or close to it). Even at relatively slow speeds, these are the most dangerous accidents, often causing serious and fatal injuries.
  • Fixed-object accidents, which occur after a motorist strikes a light pole, fence, fire hydrant or other immobile object along the roadway. These accidents often result in injuries to both the driver and passengers.
  • Stationary-collision accidents, which happen after a motorist strikes a vehicle that is not moving, such as one parked in a parking lot. Bodily injuries are often minimal, but vehicle damage can be considerable from these types of accidents, depending on the vehicle's speed.

Consider the reasons

The most common reasons that lead to these accidents include:

  • Distractions
  • Fatigue
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Speeding or failing to reduce speed to suit conditions
  • Improper following distance
  • Mechanical failure of a vehicle

Minimize the risks

Let the most trusted accident lawyers in Las Vegas speak from the experience of serving thousands of southern Nevada accident victims since 1970:

  • Focus your complete attention on driving (meaning, among other things, put your cell phone well out of reach).
  • Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead.
  • Obey posted speed limits and lower them accordingly in poor weather or while driving along inferior roads.
  • Activate your turn signals before changing lanes – always.

Contact GGRM, the accident lawyers in Las Vegas

Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez know better than anyone: accidents happen even when people are careful. When you could use a "turn signal" of your own about which course to take after a vehicle accident, contact the accident lawyers in Las Vegas of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation.

Been in an accident, download this checklist.