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5 Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be costly in a number of ways – you may have to pay for car damages, you or anyone involved in the accident could suffer from injuries and you’ll most likely end up spending valuable time speaking with lawyers and insurance companies. The following are 5 tips to avoid an auto accident and can keep you from having to experience the negative consequences of being involved in one:

1. Maintain your vehicle – Simply maintaining your vehicle can help you avoid an accident. For example, making sure that your tires have the proper amount of air in them and that your brakes are working properly. This can be the difference between being able to steady yourself and spinning out of control.

2. Pay attention to the road – Don’t just pay attention to the vehicle in front of you, pay attention to the traffic in front of them as well. Always check for cars trying to beat a red light before driving through an intersection after the light turns green. Be wary of cars with visible damage, as this could be a sign of previous accidents.

3. Always check your blind spots – Whenever you are merging, parking or making a turn, always check your blind spots. Never assume a lane is safe to turn or merge into just because you checked your rear view mirrors — turn your head to ensure the road is clear. A large number of accidents occur because drivers neglect to check their blind spots.

4. Use your headlights – This should be a no-brainer during the nighttime; however, many drivers don’t use their lights if it is rainy or foggy because they believe they can see the road clearly. Remember, your headlights aren’t just there so that you can see the road — they are also there so that other drivers can see you. When your headlights are on, everyone will be aware of your presence on the road, even if the conditions are poor, helping to reduce the chances of an accident.

5. Check your surroundings when pulling out – When parked, always look behind you before you begin backing out — pedestrians often appear without warning. It is also important to maintain a slow speed when pulling out of anywhere to allow yourself time to react should something unexpected get in your way.

These 5 tips could save you from costly proceedings after an accident. If you have been in an auto accident and are considering representation, call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez at (702) 388-4476 to schedule your free consultation today.

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