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My Medical Expenses Include Visits to Alternative Medicine Providers and Chiropractors – Can I Be Reimbursed for those Expenses in my Personal Injury Settlement?

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Many people injured in automobile accidents find pain relief through alternative medicine providers and chiropractors. Alternative medicine is a group of medical therapies like herbalism, acupuncture, or homeopathy. Chiropractic is also an alternative medicine therapy but its primary focus is treating musculoskeletal disorders, especially in the spine and as it relates to the nervous system. This blog will discuss if reimbursement for expenses stemming from these types of medical therapies can be recoverable when a negligence or personal injury claim is settled.

General vs. Special Damages

In Nevada, damages in personal injury cases are classified as either general or special damages. General damages include reimbursement for pain and suffering, long term impairment, and loss of quality of life. Special Damages refer to direct economic loss, such as lost wages, medical expenses, transportation costs to and from medical providers, prescription medications, over the counter medications, and even future expenses when the injuries are severe and life-changing.

Alternative Medicine and Chiropractors

Whether the medical expenses stemming from alternative medicine and chiropractic treatment are covered at the settlement of a personal injury case depends on whether the expenses are viewed as necessary and reasonable. It is well established in Nevada, that injured parties are able to recover reasonable medical expenses incurred and in the future for injuries sustained as a direct result of the car accident. That the medical therapy is provided by a chiropractor or alternative medicine provider is irrelevant. Nevada certifies alternative medicine providers and grants them licenses to operate in the state. For more information on licensed alternative medicine providers, visit Nevada’s Board of Oriental Medicine.

If these expenses are challenged at trial as being unnecessary and unreasonable, the injured party’s attorney may be able to overcome the objections to the medical therapies by calling expert witnesses in the western medicine and alternative medicines fields of practice. A pretrial settlement contains fewer formalities but the injured party’s attorney will still need to demonstrate a direct connection between the injury and the car accident and that the medical therapies utilized were necessary and reasonable treatment.

Seek Legal Representation from Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or someone you love is in a car accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, and Martinez at 702-388-4476. Injury victims may be entitled to general and special damages in settlement of the claims against an at-fault driver. To maximize your compensation during the negotiation and settlement of your negligence or personal injury case, make sure you have experienced legal representation on your side.

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