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Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents with Tips from Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident

While riding a motorcycle can be an exciting and fun pastime, safety is extremely important to avoid accidents and the need for Las Vegas personal injury lawyers. Bright and colorful protective riding gear, as well as basic motorcycle safety classes, can help keep you safe on the road. Knowledge is key when it comes to safety, so make note of the following most common motorcycle accidents and tips on how to prevent these accidents from happening to you.

Slippery, Wet Roads

Unfortunately, rain causes roads to become not only wet, but slick. That being said, if your bike has decent tires on it that aren't worn down, it should handle quite well on wet roads. However, it is still important to drive slower in wet conditions and handle the controls as smoothly as possible. Avoid manhole covers, which become extremely slippery with rain, and keep an eye out for potholes and patches of oil in the road.

Drinking and Driving

Never drive your motorcycle after consuming alcohol. Consider catching a ride with a friend or hailing a rideshare service.

Your Riding Buddies are Careless

Knowing proper etiquette when riding with a group of buddies is important for safety purposes. Using a staggered formation, which everyone in your riding group should know, is also important. Doing so allows each rider increased vision and doesn't put riders in a line of collision. A solution to careless riding buddies is to simply ride alone.

A Vehicle Makes a Left-Hand Turn in Front of You

Perhaps the car simply doesn't see you or misjudges the distance, but a vehicle making a left-hand turn in front of you is obviously dangerous. To avoid this type of accident and the need for Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, always keep your eyes peeled for any indication a car might make a left-hand turn in front of you. Things to look for include a vehicle at the intersection waiting to turn and a gap in traffic when you are nearing an intersection. In these situations, make sure to slow down and prepare to use your brakes.

A Vehicle Switches Lanes

A motorcyclist takes up little space and can easily be in one's blind spot, resulting in a car pulling into your lane without realizing it. It's important you're aware of where a driver's blind spots may be and avoid that spot as much as possible. Also, look for any signs that indicate a driver wants to change lanes, such as a turn signal, turning wheels, and a driver checking their mirrors.

Contact the Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers of GGRM

If you're involved in a motorcycle accident and need an attorney, you want the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyers around. Whether you need legal advice and/or legal action, don't hesitate to contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476 to schedule a free consultation.

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