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Who Can Get Social Security Disability Benefits?


Founded in 1935, the U.S. Social Security program has aided the most needy Americans – the old, the sick and the disabled – for almost a century. The program continues to this day and is a valuable resource for those who can no longer provide for themselves. Eligibility revolves around the amount of time your worked and how recent the work was performed. Here is a quick rundown on who is eligible for and can be helped by Social Security benefits:

Those under 24 years of age – A candidate must have worked for one and a half or more years in the last three ending with the most recent quarter when the disability began. Simply put, you must have worked for half the time you were capable.

Those 24 to 31 years of age – To be eligible, you must work during half the time for the period beginning with the quarter after you turned 21 and ending with the quarter you became disabled. This amounts to about three and a half years of full-time employment.

Those over 31 years of age – Similarly, people in this age bracket must work have full-time employment during five out of the ten year period ending with their disability - not a particularly stringent requirement.

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