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Car Tips For Your Teenager

Teaching a teenager to drive is a culmination of many years of parenting. While sitting in the passenger seat as your child takes the wheel might be more terrifying than standing next to an elementary-age kid who’s learning to cook, the principles are the same: stay calm, teach the dangers, practice in many conditions, and have fun. Here’s how you’ll not only be able to teach your teenager how to drive — but also have a good time together learning.

Car Tips For Your Teenager:

Staying Silent: Remain Calm Throughout the Driving Session

You don’t want to be completely silent throughout a driving session, but there are times when you’ll want to bite your tongue. Remember those times when you were preparing dinner and, in the chaos of pre-meal preparation, you raised your voice at your child? It didn’t end well. You’re teenager’s more likely to listen to you if you avoid shouting at them, especially when you’re tense.

Discerning Dangers: Teach the Dangers of Specific Scenarios

Certain scenarios pose specific dangers that your teenager must be able to navigate without being in an auto accident. Just as you repeatedly told your child that the stove was hot when they were younger, go over the specific dangers that your teenager should be checking every time one of these scenarios arises. They needed to learn that the stove is hot, and now they need to learn there could be a danger in their blind spot when they’re changing lanes.

Weathering the Weather: Practice in All Conditions

Rain, snow, ice and hail won’t keep the mail person from coming to your mailbox — and they won’t keep your licensed teenager from driving to see their friends. Make sure to prepare your teenager for all the driving conditions they may face by practicing in all types of weather.

Doing Donuts: Have Fun While Learning

Finally, learning to drive should be fun, just like learning to cook was. Take your teenager to an empty parking lot and do donuts. Having them spin out in a controlled environment will let both of you release some tension, and it’ll help them learn how to handle the car if it skids.

By following these tips, you might even enjoy teaching your teenager how to drive.

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