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Most Common Workers’ Comp Claims Explained by Work Related Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

Workplace Injury

Unfortunately, work related injuries happen, resulting in pain, time off work, and workers' comp claims. From simply slipping on a wet floor to an object falling and striking you, there are a variety of reasons why you or someone you know may need to hire work related injury lawyers in Las Vegas. Make note of the following workers’ comp claims most commonly seen.

Overexerting Oneself

Often seen in jobs where employees are required to do physical labor, such as those in construction or who work in a factory, overexertion is an extremely common work related injury. Overexertion happens when an individual moves in a way that pulls a muscle or a joint moves past its normal range of motion. This can be the result of lifting, pulling, pushing, or throwing an object.

Accidents on the Highway

Highway accidents are particularly common with truck drivers since they spend a large amount of their time driving on the highway. However, this type of accident resulting in the need for work related injury lawyers in Las Vegas is also common for those who have outside sales jobs and law enforcement.

Falling from a Higher Level

Falls from a higher level occur when an individual falls off a roof or ladder and is commonly seen with roofers and construction workers. However, slipping and falling down a staircase is also another common way for people to fall from a higher level, and this can happen in any profession where there are stairs at the workplace.

Machinery Injuries

This type of injury generally involves large, heavy machines, such as those often seen at construction sites or in factories. Machinery accidents often result in the mutilation or crushing of a worker and are very serious. Maintenance requirements of machinery and laws regarding training of workers are common in order to help prevent these types of injuries.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling

When it comes to accidents due to slipping, tripping, and falling, wet floors are often the culprit. This is often the result of a floor that has recently been mopped.

Getting Hit by an Object

This type of injury, also commonly resulting in the need for work related injury lawyers in Las Vegas, can occur in any number of work settings. For instance, an item could fall from a shelf and hit one in the head or a coworker could drop an item from a higher level, striking one and causing an injury.

Bodily Reaction

When one slips on a wet floor or trips over an object, but avoids falling, an injury such as a sprained or twisted ankle may occur due to a bodily reaction.

Contact Work Related Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

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