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The Cost of Speeding in Nevada

Las Vegas has a reputation as a party city. Tourists and visitors alike find themselves in this city largely because they love the high lifestyle of exciting attractions and non-stop entertainment. A large component which beckons adrenaline junkies who adore fast cars with fast times. But unless you've entered the Dream Racing operation at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it's best if you ease up on that gas pedal for your safety and wallet's sake.

Speeding Ticket

Nevada Highway Patrol has joined forces with other agencies in what has become an annual bid to make the streets safer by doubling down on the issuing of speeding citations. This renewed effort is being made possible by a special $29,000 grant from the Nevada Public Safety Department and will include participation by Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas police departments.

Of course, the goal isn't to ruin a tourist's holiday, but rather a step in achieving the state's goal of cutting traffic deaths and injuries in critical traffic areas in half by the year 2030. Speeding is one of the leading causes of those traffic deaths and injuries as NHP stated, "The chances of being involved in a traffic accident rise when you speed. There is a greater risk of losing control of your vehicle and the amount of time it takes to stop a vehicle increases when you are speeding."

In addition to the surge of new traffic officers who will be patrolling the greater Las Vegas area, the NHP will continue to work in conjunction with California officials on overseeing the I-15 Zero Tolerance Zone. First established in 2013, this area is now a heavily patrolled area with all traffic laws being heavily enforced. Such enforcement has significantly decreased the amount of accidents along the I-15 corridor. In just the first two months, officials issued an unprecedented 2,707 traffic citations (including 70 for seatbelt violations) and saw a 31% reduction in crashes.

To keep yourself safe on the road (and out of the NHP's radar), keep the following tips in mind:

  • Obey all speed limits, especially when driving through work zones and past schools.
  • Don't drive distracted. This may be the easiest rule to follow, yet it is also the most ignored. For instance not accessing your phone, keeping radio volume at an acceptable level, and not allowing passengers to divert your attention are all important concepts in safe driving.
  • Anticipate Nevada hazards. This includes regularly checking your vehicle's coolant levels to ensure you don't encounter sudden overheating in our hot climate, and always looking towards the horizon while driving to anticipate road hazards and prepare for car, bicycle, and pedestrian encounters.

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