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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Las Vegas

Intersection Accident

Contrary to what some people think, there is a good and positive rationale for why the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department releases information about the city's most dangerous intersections.

The rationale has everything to do with preventing accidents: if drivers are aware of where the most trouble-prone intersections are located, they will be watchful as they approach them and exercise safe driving habits. As a result, drivers will avoid getting into accidents themselves.

Real people are behind statistics, GGRM says

The best auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, applaud this goal because they see too many disheartening incident numbers in police press releases; they see the faces of real people behind the numbers of those who have been injured in accidents.

The city's five most dangerous intersections, and the number of accidents that have occurred at each one in 2015, are:

  • Cheyenne and Rancho, 12
  • Rainbow and Desert Inn, 10
  • Nellis and Washington, 9
  • Rainbow and Sahara, 8
  • Christy and Charleston, 8

Interestingly, the city's most dangerous intersections sometimes jockey for position, but the most dangerous streets tend to remain unchanged. If you take a close look at this list, you'll notice there is a commonality between Charleston, Nellis and Rainbow: they’re long roads that draw a great deal of traffic while also crossing several freeways.

Auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas urge caution

Roads like this demand a heightened sense of awareness from drivers. Follow these safety tips advocated by the national highway safety experts:

  • Don't drink and drive – and don't accept a ride from an inebriated driver.
  • Buckle up – and insist your passengers do, too.
  • Turn off your cell phone. In other words, don't attempt to talk or text and drive at the same time. Driving deserves your complete attention.
  • Eliminate other distractions, including noise, eating and drinking.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Slow down as you approach work zones, and don't exceed the speed limit within them.
  • Refrain from tailgating.
  • Watch for aggressive drivers but stay out of their way; don't waste your time competing with them.

Even when you're careful, accidents can happen. When you want the best auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas at your side, call 702-388-4476; the attorneys at GGRM for a free consultation. They will do more than give you exceptional legal advice; they will be your best advocate when you need one the most.

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