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Down The Rabbit Hole: Getting Paid “All Appropriate Benefits”

Winning a workers' compensation case can sometimes feel like an ironic display of triumph over a situation that is partly or totally still unresolved. The walk out of the hearing room is simply the starting point to actually getting your claim paid – or going down the rabbit hole, to borrow a phrase from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This post will examine how you get paid "all appropriate benefits" following a determination hearing that you are, in fact, eligible for worker's compensation benefits.

What Does the Phrase "All Appropriate Benefits" Mean?

Workers' Compensation Claim

After success at the workers' compensation hearing, the injured worker needs to make specific requests for compensation (current and unpaid wages) and medical care and treatment benefits. Additionally, an affirmative request for mileage reimbursement will also need to be made by the injured worker to the insurer. Forms are completed, the requisite proof is attached, and the insurer processes the request – ultimately requesting more information, denying the request, or paying the injured worker "all appropriate benefits." Easy, right? In reality, the answer is no. The process is cumbersome and to an inexperienced person, may get confusing fast. Not following proper procedures results in delayed payments or denied claims, even though the injured worker is technically eligible for "all appropriate benefits" and the employer has been ordered to make "all appropriate benefits" payments.

No Response From The Insurer

If the insurer fails to respond to your written request for benefits within 30 days from submission of your claim, the injured worker may file an appeal with the Hearings Division or a complaint with the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations. In both instances, the injured worker brings the appeal or complaint forward on the ground that the insurer failed to respond or violated the law by not responding to the injured worker's request.

Seek Legal Representation For Your Workers' Compensation Case

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