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Firefighters Workers Comp Delays Lead to Retirement in Maryland

Workers' compensation is an essential element for many lines of work. In particular, first responders are often in the face of danger during their daily employment activities and rely on the quick and correct distribution of workers' comp benefits when things go wrong.

A few years ago, firefighters in Montgomery County, Maryland were met with the realities that can happen when problems exist in a workers' compensation system. After a change in the company that handled the county's workers' comp claims, injured workers began experiencing severe delays in payment for their medical problems.

Over time, according to International Association of Firefighters Local, 1664 union President Jeffrey Buddle, the system eventually stopped working all together and became "unbearable" for those employees who needed to use its services.

Stalls and Stops

Firefighter workers compensation

CorVel reportedly refused to honor injury claims from the firefighters of Montgomery County. Delays and inactions on behalf of the company led the firefighters to experience further injuries and pain, as they were unable to seek proper and timely treatment.

Ultimately, benefits and medical care was either severely delayed, ignored, or completely denied, causing a trickle-down effect of incredibly high medical bills and no money to pay them.

Forced into Retirement

For some employees, the costs associated with their work-related injuries were devastating. Without the timely assistance of workers' comp payments, many firefighters were unable to seek proper treatment, causing their medical conditions to continually worsen.

Once the bills piled up and the medical problems became too great for these firefighters to continue performing their daily functions, they were forced to retire on service-connected disability retirement -- a situation, which ultimately ended up costing Montgomery County hundreds of thousands of dollars in disability retirement benefit costs.

If you've found yourself in the face of a worker’s compensation battle, it's important to seek professional legal assistance as soon as possible. Workers comp attorneys are focused on the laws pertaining to this particular subject, and they can help you understand your rights from a legal perspective.

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