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Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits After You Win Your Case

Collect Compensation

You work hard for the things you have. No shortcuts or schemes, your work is honest-to-goodness labor. So, when you get hurt on the job, it’s well within your rights to fight for workers’ compensation benefits. After all, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves and your family still has to eat. If you fight a claim, successfully challenge it, and win your case, it’s certainly a victory. However, how do you ensure you actually collect the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve?

Be Persistent

Winning and collecting benefits can mean two different things. After scoring the victory of entitlement, your next big job is to pursue collection. Insurance agencies are not take-charge on dishing out money – even when legally obligated to do so. The collection process may involve jumping through hoops. Being persistent, keeping proof of your effort and pushing through are the first steps toward collecting an award due to you.

Don’t Toss Out Relevant Paperwork

Remember the pile of paperwork you amassed to support your argument? Keep it, because there’s a good chance you’ll need to use it again. The insurance agency’s job is not to create a smoother path toward collecting benefits. If anything, it will do the opposite and behave idly while you scramble for your award. This is the point where many people drop the ball and give up. That’s what insurers tacitly hope you will do. So, you may need to send or resubmit certifications, doctor notes, receipts and anything else to support your position. It may seem like a do-over, but be prepared to do it anyway.

Have Legal Resources on Hand

After a legal decision has been issued giving you the right to collect benefits, insurers only have a set length of time to respond. Typically, the period is thirty days. If your pursuits are met with resistance, you always have the option to appeal and complain. You also have the option to enlist the services of a workers’ compensation attorney to help expedite your payout. You have the right to collect, so don’t be afraid to retain assistance in doing so.

Not sure what the next step is in your workers’ compensation case? Call the qualified attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez today at 702-388-4476.

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