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GGRM Sponsors the IPOF Golf Tournament in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Police

In today's highly charged social climate, it's difficult not to think about – and be grateful for – the risks police officers in the Las Vegas and Henderson area take every single day to ensure our safety.

Every time they pull over a motorist, they take a risk. Every time they respond to a domestic call, they take a risk. And every time they investigate a suspicious person in a resident's backyard late at night, they risk their own safety.

Sometimes, the risk escalates and a confrontation ensues, leaving the injured officer and his or her family grappling with medical expenses not always covered by insurance.

It's one thing – and no small thing – to empathize with officers who face this predicament. It's another thing to be able to do something about their plight. So when the opportunity arose to contribute to the Injured Police Officer's Fund, as a featured sponsor of the 11th annual John and Goldie Moran Golf Classic, the law partners at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez eagerly stepped up to the challenge.

"Being a sponsor is really the least we could do to show our appreciation to the police officers in our community," partner Gabriel Martinez said. "We owe the safety we take for granted every day to their hard work and dedication."

Partners believe fund represents a hole in one

The golf classic is one of the two major fundraisers held each year by the Injured Police Officer's Fund. The fund aims to lessen the financial burden suffered by police officers and their families when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty. The other major fundraiser is the annual classic car show.

This year's golf tournament began early with a 7 a.m. shotgun scramble at the Bali Hai Golf Club, and then featured 18 holes of golf before an awards luncheon.

Of course, not everyone at the event was an avid golfer. So while some participants may have kept their eyes trained on the fairways, everyone stay focused on their fundamental goal.

Fund enjoys widespread support

The Injured Police Officer's Fund was established in 1982, after Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer James MacLaren was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop. MacLaren survived, but his injuries forced him into an early medical retirement.

To assist the MacLaren family, Sheriff John Moran and his wife Goldie held a fundraiser. The community response was so great the fund was born.

From the initial involvement of the metropolitan police, the fund has grown to include the:

  • Boulder City Police
  • City of Las Vegas Detention/Enforcement Police
  • City of Las Vegas Police
  • Clark County School District Police
  • Henderson Police
  • Mesquite Police
  • Nevada Highway Patrol
  • North Las Vegas Police
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas Police

As they research traffic accidents on behalf of their clients, the law partners at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez frequently come into contact with officers from many of these departments. And the respect the partners have developed for the officers' work ethic, dedication and integrity grows with every year.

"Police officers take risks most of us can't even comprehend," retired police officer and GGRM lawyer Toby Yurek said. "To thank us for being a sponsor is really beside the point. We need to show our support for everything the police do to protect our community, every day."

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