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Giving Recorded Statements in a Las Vegas Workers Compensation Case

If you are involved in a workplace accident and are filing a claim, you'll often be contacted by an insurance claim adjuster for a recorded statement. While a recorded statement certainly can expedite an investigation and the ultimate settlement of the claim, this process serves no legal purpose and can harm your case. Hire workers compensation lawyers in Las Vegas to protect you in your workers compensation case.

Why Adjusters Want Your Recorded Statement

Witness Statement

The insurance company's adjuster wants to hear your side of the story. In such a statement, they will ask you about the events leading up to the injury, how the injury occurred, how you reacted, and the aftermath. Your statement will be used in tandem with your employers' and any witnesses' statements, as well as police and incident reports, to get a better, more concise accounting of the claim.

However, it is important to remember that to an adjuster, yours is just one of hundreds of other claims they handle each year and their job is to separate the justifiable claims from those that can be dismissed. Thus, adjusters may use a recorded statement as an excuse to unfairly interrogate the claimant and nudge them into saying things that will hurt the claim.

Why do Worker Compensation Lawyers Las Vegas Advise Against Giving Recorded Statements

Remember, what you say in a recorded statement may become inextricably linked to your claim. You also have the right to refuse to give a recorded statement and can instead send a written statement, looked over by your workers compensation lawyers in Las Vegas. Whether you are filing a worker’s compensation claim or a negligence claim against another business or governmental entity, it’s advised to only give written statements where necessary and to avoid all recorded statements not legally necessary.

Far too often a well-meaning but perhaps naive claimant may inadvertently say something that can be used by the claims adjuster to weaken the case. Their job is to keep payouts at a minimum and are experienced in prompting claimants to admit to things that can lessen the at-fault party's liability and reduce the amount of compensation that can be claimed.

For more information about what to do -- and what not to do -- following a workplace accident, or for a free case consultation, contact GGRM, your workers compensation lawyers in Las Vegas at 702-388-4476.

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