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Golf Course Safety

Golf Course Safety

Golf is generally considered a safe sport. As long as everyone on the course follows a few safety rules, there isn’t too much to worry about. But accidents do happen and injuries can occur. Here are guidelines to follow at your next tee time.

Golf Clubs

Golf is a game played with clubs that have metal heads – a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands. As you prepare to swing, it’s your responsibility to ensure your golfing partners are at a safe distance. Never swing a golf club when someone is standing nearby, including practice swings. As you prepare to swing, look left, right, and ahead of where you’re aiming. Don’t hit the ball until you’re confident no other golfers are in range. Keep a particularly close eye on younger golfers with less experience.


Around the world, fore is the warning yelled out if someone is in danger of being hit by an errant golf ball. Whether it’s you or another golfer who hit a drive farther than anticipated, everyone needs to take cover. Golf balls move at a fast speed and are not easy to spot when they’re airborne. To protect yourself, step behind a tree, hide behind the cart, or cover your head with both arms.

Drive Safely

Golf carts are not difficult to drive, but they come with directions, which should be read and followed. Observe all safety rules:

  • Keep your feet inside the cart while in motion
  • Don’t take onto bumpy terrain
  • Slow down on curves or when going down hill
  • Don’t let underage drivers behind the wheel
  • Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking
  • Keep a watchful eye out for other carts

Finally, wear sun protection and stay hydrated. And watch out for lightning – at the first sign of it, head directly to the clubhouse. Out on the course, group members should stay 15 feet apart and do not stand under a tree – they are nature’s lightning rods!

Golf is a fun sport and a great excuse to head outdoors. Follow these simple precautions to eliminate risk. If you are injured because of someone’s negligence, call the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez 702-388-4476 to learn your legal rights.

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