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What Happens When I Interview Las Vegas Injury Lawyers?

If you have suffered an accident at the fault of someone else, you may be researching Las Vegas injury lawyers. Common scenarios include car, bike and pedestrian accidents. Faulty products that cause injury, slip and fall accidents and dog bites may also cause you to seek legal representation. Here is more information on next steps after finding a Las Vegas injury lawyer you think meets your specific needs.

Your initial consultation with a GGRM Las Vegas injury lawyer will be free of charge.  The first meeting will be primarily informational so an attorney can review the details to determine if you have a case. This is why it is important to gather all relevant information and documents concerning the incident prior to your meeting.

For example, if you were in a car accident, a police report will contain necessary details about the accident, including eyewitness information. If you went to a hospital, medical reports and bills will outline the injuries you WomanPersonalInjurywere treated for. Other important materials to consider bringing include any photographs of the scene or damage done and any insurance correspondence about the incident. All of this information will better help a lawyer determine the best course of action.

After the initial consultation, an injury lawyer will determine if you have a good case to make. We use past experience and the law to determine if you are due compensation from an individual, insurance company or other organization. We never charge you for a consultation.

GGRM Las Vegas injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that legal fees are only paid if you successfully settle a case or receive a verdict in your favor. Our fees are paid from the amount of compensation you win. Call us at (702) 388-4476 to learn more about how one of our attorneys can help you today.

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