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Who Holds Liability For Accidents in School

School Injury

When your children are in school, you trust they'll be safe and administrators, teachers, coaches and school personnel are doing everything they can to protect them. Some accidents can’t reasonably be avoided, for example, if your child is injured by a softball hit during P.E., no one may be at fault. As long as the children were properly supervised and had the right equipment, it may be an unavoidable accident.

A Las Vegas accident lawyer will look into administrators or other school personnel making sure they took reasonable measures to help keep children safe. If they failed to do so, the school and its personnel may be responsible for paying for your child’s medical bills, as well as other compensation for pain and suffering.

A duty of care

School administrators and personnel have a legal duty of care – a responsibility or obligation – to act reasonably to protect students from foreseeable harm.

It doesn’t mean they’re responsible for every accident that may occur, but it does mean they are responsible for providing an environment as safe as reasonably possible. If they fail to do so, they may be guilty of negligence.

Proving your case with a Las Vegas accident lawyer

If you decide to take legal action against the school, you’ll need to prove your child was injured and the injury occurred because of the school’s negligence.

Evidence can include photographs of your child’s injuries, medical bills, receipts for medication and statements from witnesses.

How to take legal action

If your child goes to public school in Nevada, taking legal action may be a little different from taking action against a corporation or private individual or school. You may need to file a claim through the state’s government or tort claim agency or against the local school district.

If your child goes to private school, ask for the name and contact information for the school's insurance company.

You may need the help of a Las Vegas accident lawyer to help you gather evidence, meet required deadlines, take action against the proper individuals or other entities and represent you and your child’s interests. This is especially true if your child’s injuries were serious.

Call the Las Vegas accident lawyers of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation, if your child has been injured in an accident in school.

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