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Home Construction Safety Tips

Call it a “perfect storm” of opportunity: affordable mortgages, robust employment and wage increases have converged in 2017 to propel home remodeling to an all-time high, up 4.5 percent over 2016. Professional contractors are reveling in the lion's share of the remodeling boom. But as any homeowner who has undertaken a major home construction project knows, it's difficult to remain a passive observer without yearning to get into the act by swinging a hammer, hanging a fixture or applying a fresh coat of paint. The personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas -- Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez -- commend the DIY spirit. But in an effort to quell an imperfect storm of home accidents, they urge homeowners to take a few precautions first:
  • Never undertake a home improvement project unless you: have the proper tools at your disposal; know how to complete the project from start to finish, assuming everything goes as planned; and know how to complete the project if you encounter problems. It's smart to have the name of a trusted contractor you can call if your project happens to run off the rails.
  • Keep a basic first aid kit nearby. Even the most careful and cautious contractors incur bumps and scrapes in the course of a home improvement project. Novices who aren't accustomed to such physical rigors are even more predisposed to minor incidents. A first aid kit is best kept on standby.
  • Invest in the proper protection equipment. Many personal injuries are the direct result of a lack of protection. Don't try to cut corners on such things as safety glasses, gloves, face masks, ear plugs and non-skid shoes. Even long-sleeved shirts and pants can reduce the risk of minor injuries.
  • Lift heavy objects with care. Most often, it pays to have a partner lend an assist with heavy or bulky objects. If you can manage a heavy object on your own, bend your knees and don't twist or turn to one side as you rise. Once incurred, back injuries have a nasty way of lingering.
  • Balance a tool belt – or dispense with it altogether. Many DIYers like to emulate the style of their favorite TV host and strap on a tool belt. The idea has merit; it reduces trips up and down a ladder. But if a belt is too bulky or heavier on one side than the other, it's safer to leave tools on a nearby work table.
  • Exercise ladder safety. Falls are the leading cause of home accidents. Ladders are a prime contributor, often because they: are not structurally sound; are too short for the task at hand; or are set too close to or too far away from a wall. As a rule of thumb, for every 4 feet of ladder, the bottom of the ladder should rest 1 foot away from the wall.

Contact the Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

The personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas with the longest track record, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, prefer you call a licensed contractor when starting construction on your home. If you have been injured due to construction in your home at fault of another party contact GGRM for a free consultation. We want you to ride out the “perfect storm” of this year's remodeling boom – and nail down best practices, too. Call 702-388-4476 to speak with an attorney today.