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How Nevada Car Accident Attorneys Determine Fault in an Accident

Nevada car accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help their clients receive the maximum compensation under the law for property damage, personal injury or wrongful death.

The first step to building a case involves determining who was at fault for the accident. In many cases, assigning fault is straightforward. This is true when one party clearly violated a traffic law such as running a stop sign or failing to yield the right of way.

A driver who runs into another car from behind is typically at fault regardless of why the vehicle in front stopped. Drivers are required to follow at a distance that allows them to stop safely if traffic stops ahead of them. It becomes a little more complicated if a driver rear-ends a car due to something that happened in front of the first car that made it come to a stop quickly. The same is true if a vehicle is pushed from behind into another vehicle. The driver is still at fault for the rear end collision but may have a claim against others who assisted in creating the dangerous situation. In some cases the driver who was rear-ended may bear partial fault if, for example, the vehicle has inoperable brake or taillights.

In a left-turn accident, the driver attempting to make the turn is usually liable for any collision with an oncoming car traveling through the intersection. The exceptions are if the driver in the oncoming car runs a red light or is traveling well over the speed limit.

If the police respond to an accident and issue a written report, it may be helpful in supporting a claim of fault. The report may indicate that one driver or the other violated a specific traffic law and serves as an official record if the officer issues a citation.

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