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How to Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer With Your Case

If you’ve been in an accident, you can help your personal injury lawyer with your case by taking a few simple steps:
  • Document your injury. The minute you experience an injury such as an auto accident or a slip and fall accident in a store, call the police or contact the store manager to ensure a report is provided.
  • Take pictures. Photographic evidence will support your claim, especially if the photos are taken immediately following your accident. In addition to photographing your injuries, make sure other pictures are taken such as damage to your vehicle if you are involved in an automobile accident.
  • Seek medical assistance. You won’t help your case by avoiding the doctor so seek help immediately as you begin the healing and recovery process with medical help.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

An experienced personal injury lawyer will advise you to be protective of your rights when you are pursuing a claim. Most importantly you should:
  • Contact an attorney who has a proven track record in dealing with personal injury cases. Seek an attorney or a firm that specializes in personal injury and can provide case history involving situations similar to yours.
  • Reveal prior injuries. Tell the physician and attorney if you’ve been injured or have had accidents in the past in order to provide your team with full historical knowledge—the more your legal consulting team knows about you, the better equipped they’ll be to build your case
  • Never sign anything until you’ve consulted with an attorney. In some cases the other party may ask you to sign a legal document releasing them from culpability. If you sign any document like this, it could potentially ruin your case; so don’t do it without proper legal advice.

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