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Getting Injured While Visiting Las Vegas

Tens of millions of people come to Las Vegas every year to enjoy our city’s unique venues and experiences. The city has invested heavily in making sure that visitors have a fun, safe experience while they’re here. Still, accidents do happen, and some vacationers wind up with serious injuries that require medical care and may have long-term consequences. Especially for people who are from out of state, it can be helpful in such circumstances to work with a local law firm that knows Nevada personal injury law.

The kinds of injuries visitors to Las Vegas may suffer

Las Vegas isn’t your typical city. The casinos, bright lights, and colorful entertainment culture can be dazzling to visitors from almost anywhere. Like any large city, Las Vegas has its share of accidents. Some of the more common ones are:
  • Injuries to pedestrians. In 2017, 78 pedestrians were killed after being struck by vehicles in Clark County. A significantly larger number suffered nonfatal injuries. The lesson for visitors is that crossing the road in Las Vegas requires extra care.
  • Injuries resulting from alcohol or drug use. Someone who has had too much to drink at a casino bar might stumble and fall, start a fight, or try to drive home. Because Nevada has decriminalized recreational marijuana, there may be an increased chance of encountering someone who is under the influence of pot while driving. Las Vegas is a pretty strict town when it comes to controlling drunk and rowdy behavior, but the fact remains that many people come to the city to have a wild time, and they can end up hurting themselves or others.
  • Falls and other accidents at hotels. Las Vegas’s economy is driven by its hotel industry, and as such the city’s hotels take great pains to be safe, enjoyable places to be. Injuries still do happen, whether caused by a clear act of negligence on the part of a staff member or a condition that the hotel should have addressed but didn’t.

The law of personal injury in Nevada

A Nevada personal injury lawsuit can help an injured person recover compensation for medical costs, lost earnings, and other consequences of the injury. In a typical personal injury case the injured plaintiff must establish that the defendant acted negligently, which caused the plaintiff’s injury. This standard applies to many common types of injury, including auto accidents and slip-and-fall injuries. Whether behavior is “negligent” depends on a range of factors that will vary according to the circumstances. Working with a local law firm can be an efficient way to resolve a personal injury dispute for people who live outside Las Vegas. The attorneys at Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez have represented injured clients in the Las Vegas area for over 45 years. Our extensive local knowledge and deep understanding of Nevada law can be a significant asset to anyone who needs representation in our city. Call today for a free attorney consultation at 702-388-4476 or request a call through our website.