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Why Insurance Companies May Refuse to Pay Back Wages in a Las Vegas Workers’ Comp Case

Work Injury Claim Denied

When you suffer an injury or illness at work or while performing job duties, you are entitled to benefits and compensation for that suffering. Those benefits are typically to be paid out by your employers' required workers' compensation insurer. Unfortunately, as with most forms of insurance, these insurers will often deny claims in order to keep their costs down and profits high. Certainly, some claim denials are done for legitimate reasons, but not all. Even when Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys reverse the status of your claim denial, insurance companies can still be reticent with payouts.

A common scenario our Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys see after winning a client's claim is the insurance company refusing to now pay back wages. This scenario begins with a denied claim after which an injured worker must wait weeks, months, or even longer for a claim to go to court following their injury date. Throughout this time, an injured worker with adequate health care often has no options but to wait for the process to resolve itself. This may result in no doctor visits and therefore no doctor’s notes to outline why the injured worker is unable to work. The injured worker may also have restrictions on what type of work and how much they can do compared to their normal working capacity.

Once Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys have reversed the denial and the insurance company is forced to administer the injured worker's claim, they're able to see a doctor and receive their restrictions for time off. However, this results in a gap between the date of the injury and the time in which a doctor is seen under the claim's terms. Therefore, there is no doctor proof of why a worker was unable to work and deserves back wages. Insurers know this but, again, in attempts to keep costs down and profits high, they may try to sneak out of paying you the wages. In most situations in which this happens, the injured worker will either have to forgo their deserved wages or take the insurer back to court to fight for what the court calls retro TTD benefits.

Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys are here to help

At GGRM, our Las Vegas workers comp attorneys work hard to help you understand these complex facets of workers' compensation law and work hard to assist you in ensuring you get all the benefits and back wages you are entitled to under Nevada and federal law. Contact us today, at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation and to learn more.

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