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Introducing Las Vegas’ First Professional Sports Team

Professional Hockey Las Vegas

It's a bit surprising Las Vegas, the biggest city in Nevada and the entertainment capital of the country, took so long to attract a professional sports team. However, the city has been positioning itself as a prime location for an NHL team. Not only did it have a willing owner in the form of billionaire Bill Foley, but it recently opened the T-Mobile Arena, which is perfectly suited to host hockey games. In fact, looking at how the arena was built, you can't help but think it was built specifically for hockey games. Just consider some of the following hockey-friendly features:

  • The lounges - There are clubs on each seating level, many of which are expensive VIP lounges. There's also the Hyde Lounge, which is located above the upper deck where the net would be at during a hockey game. The Hyde Lounge gives the arena it's most unique architectural feature as well.
  • The seating bowl - Even though the T-Mobile Arena was supposedly built as a Vegas venue, it's obvious it's perfect for hockey games due to the seating bowl. Besides the triangular lounge platforms located on top of one of the end zones, the seating bowl is extremely similar to that of the MTS Centre - Winnipeg's hockey arena.
  • The location - The T-Mobile Arena is located in the perfect spot - a block away from the Las Vegas Strip, right between the Monte Carlo hotel and the New York-New York hotel. The area is extremely fan friendly due to "The Park," which is a space nearby the arena consisting of restaurants and bars. The Park is the perfect place for fans to gather before, during and after the game. The Park even has its own waterfall pathway and is roughly a five-minute walk from the Strip.
  • The Toshiba Plaza - The Toshiba Plaza is located directly in front of the T-Mobile Arena. It contains an enormous LED video screen that measures 200 feet wide and 45 feet tall. Perfect for screening NHL hockey playoff games for fans that couldn't nab tickets but want to enjoy the game with fellow fans.
  • The locker rooms - The T-Mobile Arena already has a visitor team locker room built and is currently in the process of building the home locker room. Whereas in most hockey venues, the visiting locker room is no nicer than what you might find at a municipal skating rink. Here the visitor accommodations will rival the locker rooms most home teams have.

The T-Mobile Arena was practically built with hockey in mind, which is why it should come as no surprise that the NHL recently announced it is rewarding Las Vegas with an expansion team for the 2017-18 season. If you visit the T-Mobile Arena for a hockey game or any other event and are injured due to an unfortunate accident that was the fault of a third party, then be sure to contact GGRM at 702-388-4476 today for expert legal advice.

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