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A Judge’s Role in a Personal Injury Case in Las Vegas

Judge in Court

If you're like most people, your understanding of the law and court trials is limited to what you've seen on TV or in the movies. This is not an embarrassing admission to make; many TV programs and movies have provided accurate and poignant insights about what transpires in a courtroom. Still, most of the drama usually revolves around the central characters, not the judge. And if you're facing a personal injury trial, a judge will loom very large in your life indeed.

Allow the most experienced personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, bring the judge's role in a personal injury case into clearer focus so you know what to expect before you enter the courtroom.

The judge as the trier of law

In a personal injury case, the judge presides over the court, ensuring the proceedings are conducted in a respectful, orderly and impartial manner. Judges wield a gavel for a reason – to maintain "order in the court."

The judge serves as the trier of law, which means he or she is responsible for making rulings about legal issues and questions. The judge interprets and applies the law and decides which issues are relevant to a personal injury case.

The judge also can be the trier of fact

A personal injury case can be decided by either a judge – which is known as a bench trial – or a jury. Deciding which tack to take often depends on several factors, including:

  • Requests made by the parties
  • The nature of the personal injury
  • The amount of controversy stemming from the injury or case itself
  • The jurisdiction of the court
  • The background of the parties

This is an important juncture in the evolution of a personal injury case – and another reason why you want to hire the most skilled personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas to represent you. At a bench trial, the judge serves as both a trier of law and as a trier of fact, which means he or she will consider the evidence, weigh the credibility of witnesses and render a final decision. The entire case is placed in the judge's hands.

In a jury trial, the plaintiff's peers render a verdict. The judge's role, then is limited to:

  • Making important rulings about what evidence will be admitted and excluded.
  • Listening to, sustaining and overruling objections
  • Issuing jury instructions and overseeing the jury's deliberation

As you probably recall from those insightful TV programs and movies, many unforeseen developments can occur during a personal injury case. The most knowledgeable personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas will be at your side to answer your questions and lead your case to a successful conclusion.

Contact the personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas

In this regard, the verdict is clear: thousands of people in southern Nevada are grateful they turned to Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez to reconcile their personal injury claim. When you want to leave the suspense in your life to TV programs and the movies, contact GGRM, the personal injury attorneys Las Vegas trusts, at 702-388-4476 for a free legal consultation.

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