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Keeping Your Children Safe at Amusement Parks

Kids Amusement Park

Nevada is home to a number of fun and thrilling amusement parks. Las Vegas alone has multiple hotels and other attractions featuring amusement park activities like water slides, Ferris wheels, and thrill rides.

Unfortunately, many theme parks and carnival rides can pose different dangers, particularly when it comes to children. Research from the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital found, on average, as many as 4,400 children seek medical attention every year for injuries sustained in amusement parks and similar carnival rides. If your child has been injured in an amusement park discuss your legal options with the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez.

Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

What's causing all of these injuries? The Consumer Product Safety Commission lists the following causes as leading contributors to amusement park injuries and fatalities:

  • Mechanical failure of the ride. Mechanical failures are generally the result of either a manufacturing defect or the failure of park operators properly maintaining the ride and its components. Examples of mechanical failures include a coaster cart that detaches or a lap bar that becomes loose mid-ride.
  • Improper ride operations. This most often arises from either negligence or general ineptitude and lack of proper training and/or supervision by park authorities. Examples include an operator who abruptly (and unsafely) stops a ride or fails to properly latch a safety restraint.

As a parent, the best thing you can do to ensure your kids stay safe at an amusement park is to ensure they (and you) follow all posted age, weight, height, and health restrictions and recommendations. Only allow children on rides with seat belts or other safety restraints and ensure operators manually check and confirm those restraints.

Contact GGRM, the Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas

However, should the worst happen and your child becomes injured while riding an amusement park ride, you have a number of legal options available to receive financial compensation. The attorneys at GGRM will sort through your case and discuss your legal options.

Amusement parks are supposed to be fun, not harmful. If your child was injured, don't walk away from your rights. Contact the personal injury attorneys of Las Vegas, GGRM at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation today.

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