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Lack of Employee Training?

Warrants a Call to a Las Vegas Workers' Compensation Lawyer!

Does improper employee training warrant a call to a Las Vegas workers' compensation lawyer? In some cases employers try to say that the employee should have known better and that training has nothing to do with why she or he was injured. However in numerous cases, injury could have been prevented if the proper training was furnished. Back injuries are one of the most common causes for disability—according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1 million employees injure their backs at work due to a variety of reasons:
  • Improper lifting technique: whether through repeated lifting or turning to lift an object off a desk, it only takes one incident to become injured. Employees who have not been properly trained on how to lift equipment should not be transporting heavy items until fully informed.
  • Poor or absent employee training: sometimes employers believe that by furnishing an employee manual, training is complete. Without visual and practical training, employees are still vulnerable to injury.
  • Dangerous work environment: unmaintained floors, slippery tile and improperly working equipment open up many opportunities for injury.
  • Lack of back support or safety gear: in addition to proper lifting techniques, workers should be given the right safety gear and support to prevent injury.

Las Vegas Workers' Compensation Lawyer: How to Stay Safe on the Job

Instead of getting hurt and having to call a Las Vegas workers' compensation lawyer, know how to avoid accidents:
  • Request safety training: whether you have a desk job or work in the construction field, it's always important to have safety training. If safety training was not offered to you during the initial hiring phase, make it a point to request it on the job.
  • Look for hazards in your environment: situational awareness will keep you safe on the job. If you see a wet floor, alert maintenance immediately and avoid the area. Never attempt a dangerous task in order to save time or money—you could end up being injured.
  • Follow safety rules: your employer has created safety rules to protect you, so following them is important
  • Know your employee rights: obtain information about workers' compensation from a Las Vegas attorney or talk to your human resources manager about your rights.
  • Ask questions and get help: if you don't feel safe or believe you could be injured at any time, ask someone for help. Keep asking until you get satisfactory answers if you don't immediately find a way to remedy the situation.

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