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Las Vegas Accident Attorneys Discuss Why an Insurance Claim May be Denied

Car Insurance Claim

They say patience is a virtue, but sometimes you need more than patience to navigate the claims process with an insurance company. You may need the skill of Las Vegas accident attorneys, too, especially if your claim is denied.

Understanding why your car accident claim was denied should top your to-do list. Even this seemingly simple quest belies the difficulty many people experience when they try to get answers to questions on their own, without legal representation.

If you think it's difficult to get someone you know – and know well – to return a phone call, you may have some idea about how difficult it might be to reach a large and impersonal insurance company. Though many conscientious people work for insurance companies, they're usually smart enough to know two key things:

  1. Why the claimant is calling (to gather information)
  2. What the claimant plans to do next (protest and appeal the denial)

Sometimes, there is nothing like good, old fashioned stall tactics to deter someone (like you) from fighting the denial of the claim. So before you put your patience to the test, let the experienced Las Vegas accident attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez lead the way, starting with getting to the bottom of why your claim was denied in the first place.

Our Las Vegas accident attorneys get to the bottom of claim denials

The three most common reasons insurance companies cite for denying a car accident claim include:

  • The claimant was somehow complicit in the accident. This is where the "finer points" of a claim come to light, including if the claimant did something to cause the accident or could have avoided it in the first place. You don't have to read between the lines to realize how far-reaching complicity can be; it can include everything from driving drunk at the time of an accident to the claimant allowing an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle involved in the accident.
  • The claimant failed to seek medical treatment after an accident, thereby casting doubt on the veracity of the claim. Sometimes, there is a legitimate reason why a claimant does not seek immediate treatment, such as the injuries were undetectable and didn't make their presence known until later. The Las Vegas accident attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez are well aware of this risk and so counsel their clients to seek immediate medical treatment following a car accident – no matter how minor their injuries may seem. This sound advice can do more than safeguard a claimant's health; it also can fortify his or her accident claim.
  • A pre-existing condition makes it difficult to delineate that state from the physical state of the claimant following a car accident. The Las Vegas accident attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez went to law school, not medical school. But after handling thousands of accident claims, they are adept at seeking out top medical experts to answer complex questions that need straightforward answers.

Contact GGRM, the Las Vegas accident attorneys

You may be ready to file an accident claim, or your claim may already have been denied. It's never too soon – or too late – in the claims process to contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez. Patience can help you navigate this process, but the most reputable Las Vegas accident attorneys will help you triumph over it, too. Call GGRM at 702-388-4476 for a free case consultation today.

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