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See Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorneys When Road Hazards Lead to Injuries

When poor road conditions contribute to a collision that causes injuries, motorists should seek the advice of Las Vegas auto accident attorneys to discuss options for recovering damages.

Citizens pay taxes to fund infrastructure maintenance and they have a right to expect the roads in and around Las Vegas to be safe. While human error is responsible for many automobile accidents, unsafe driving conditions on roads that are improperly maintained may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles resulting in serious physical injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage.

The following road hazards can create unsafe driving conditions that result in an accident:

  • Potholes – The roads in Las Vegas are subject to rapid deterioration due to constant exposure to harsh sunlight and extremely high temperatures during the summer months. Potholes create an uneven road surface that can catch on a tire tread making it difficult to control the vehicle. These uneven surfaces are especially treacherous to motorcycle riders because they have only two tires that are smaller and thinner than most vehicle tires.
  • Poor Visibility – Property owners and the entities in charge of maintaining roadways must make sure that all street signs are clearly visible and there are no tree branches, flowers, or plants interfering with the visibility of passing motorists. Proper lighting must be in place for better visibility after sundown and for whenever natural lighting conditions are inadequate.
  • Missing or Damaged Guardrails – Guardrails and center dividers are critical for keeping vehicles on the road. A center divider serves as a physical barrier between vehicles traveling in opposite directions and reduces the risk of head on collisions. If a guardrail or divider is in place at the time of the accident, it is important to verify that it was properly designed to handle the speed and road conditions in the area.

The lawyers at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, and Martinez can help you receive fair compensation for your injuries caused by a road hazard. Call us today at 702-388-GGRM (4476) to schedule a free initial consultation with qualified Las Vegas auto accident attorneys.