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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Child Sports Injuries

Kids Sports Injury

Millions of children and teenagers participate in some sort of organized (and unorganized) sports every day, and every year a portion of them fall victim to sports-related injuries. Most of these injuries are bruised elbows or skinned knees, and are seen as a natural aspect of learning to play and growing up. However, others are more serious, sometimes even fatal, and are partially or fully caused by negligence on behalf of the coach, sports league, or playing environment. The following is a brief look at youth sport injuries and when you should consider calling Las Vegas personal injury attorneys.

Youth Sports Injuries: The Basics

It's estimated about 20% of children playing an organized sport will suffer a minor or significant injury every year; about half of which could have been prevented according to the CDC. Common examples of pronounced injuries include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Concussions or other head trauma
  • Muscle and joint sprains
  • Internal and impact injuries

Generally, if your child has health insurance -- either through your coverage or their own -- treatment for their injuries and requisite follow-up care will be financially covered excepting for any deductibles or co-pays as required by the policy terms. Depending upon the severity of your child's injury, these costs can quickly add up.

Who Can be Held Liable for Child Sports Injuries

One of the first concerns parents have with this type of case is that by signing a standard consent form or waiver at the start of the season, they acknowledged the various risks associated with their child's sport and released the school or city league from liability. However, courts have often found this type of waiver cannot be used to avoid liability in all cases. Additionally, coaches or sports instructors can be personally held liable if they use inappropriate coaching techniques or methods like:

  • Encouraging conduct or behavior outside normal sports rules
  • Physically or verbally assaulting a child
  • Failing to remove a hurt player from a game or practice
  • Pushing a child beyond a normal and reasonable limit
  • Not consulting medical professionals in emergency scenarios, such as if a child is having an uncontrolled asthma attack

If your child suffered a sports related injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should discuss legal action with your Las Vegas personal injury attorney.

Contact the Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

When enrolling your kids in different sports you know accidents can happen. When a sports injury goes beyond an accident and is the fault of the coach or league, it may be time to contact the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at GGRM. To find out if you have a case, call 702-388-4476 for a free in-depth, legal consultation today.

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