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Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firms – Finding the One that’s Best for You

How can you discern between the myriad of Las Vegas personal injury law firms? There are many choices, with most firms offering an extensive menu of services. How can you decide which firm may be best suited for your specific case? Before committing to one attorney or firm, consider this list of screening questions you can use to make your decision:
  • Does the firm have experience working with cases similar to yours? Check the firm’s website for biographical information about the attorneys and case studies
  • Does the firm also defend against law suits in the area? Attorneys who represent injured people typically don’t also defend against lawsuits
  • Do the attorneys at the firm belong to personal injury trial lawyers’ associations such as the American Association for Justice (AAJ) or a state association?
  • Does the local bar association list the firm in good standing?
  • What type of publicity can you find about the firm regarding a case that one of the attorneys handled?
  • What type of references can the firm produce?
  • If you have a relationship with an attorney at another firm, what kind of impression does the firm have on him or her?
Speaking one on one with attorneys at the firm can also give you a gut feeling about whether this is the right Las Vegas personal injury law firm for you or not. What Types of Cases do Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firms Handle? Las Vegas personal injury law firms handle a variety of cases that can range from slip and fall to auto accidents. Generally, a well-rounded, experienced firm will also handle:
  • Automobile and motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bites and pet-related injuries
  • Head and spine injuries
  • Products liability
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Social Security Disability
  • Trucking accidents
  • Worker's compensation
  • Wrongful death
Because you don’t know when you may need a personal injury attorney, use these guidelines to help you choose the best among Las Vegas personal injury law firms. To consult one of the leading Las Vegas personal injury law firms, contact Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez Law Firm. Call 702-388-GGRM (4476).