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Las Vegas Prepares for Kids to Return to School

School Bus Safety

Sheriff Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reminds drivers to slow down and be alert for children as they walk and ride bicycles to school and wait for buses at bus stops now that a new school year has started in Clark County.

Especially "at arrival and dismissal times, drivers are often in a hurry and distracted, which can lead to unsafe conditions for everyone traveling through a school zone," Lombardo says.

Sheriff asks drivers to "slow their roll"

Lombardo's "slow your roll" campaign targets drivers and especially parents in Clark County, who he says "play an important role in enhancing safety near schools." They should follow safe driving practices, which include:

  • Slowing down and obeying all traffic laws and speed limits, both in school zones and in neighborhoods surrounding schools. (Speed limits should be clearly marked. In school zones, the speed limit usually is 15 mph; in school crossing zones, 25 mph.)
  • Watching for children walking and bicycling on sidewalks or gathered at bus stops
  • Refraining from passing other cars in school zones
  • Refraining from making U-turns in school zones
  • Avoiding double parking or stopping on crosswalks to let children out of a car
  • Following marked crosswalks within school zones
  • Stopping for school buses whose overhead lights are flashing red – regardless of the direction from which the driver is approaching (Drivers should not proceed until the red lights stop flashing.)
  • Keeping an eye out for children near schools; they can move quickly and appear out of nowhere near parked cars. Drivers should look carefully for little feet as they drive alongside parked cars – an excellent sign to slow down and proceed with extreme caution.

Officers will be watching

To ensure drivers heed these safe driving practices, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers will be conducting surveillance in school zones, Lombardo says. And drivers who receive citations might be surprised to learn the usual state fines are doubled in school zones.

To prevent accidents and mishaps – and especially to encourage safe driving habits – Lombardo encourages Clark County residents to watch a YouTube video called "Watch Out for the Kids."

GGRM augments police effort

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