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Las Vegas Traffic Accident Lawyers Help You Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating is the leading cause of rear-end accidents, and it can be avoided. Here's tips on how to avoid tailgating-caused collisions from leading Las Vegas traffic accident lawyers.

Leave Plenty of Space Before the Next Car

Tailgating Danger

You can start by not tailgating others. Leave plenty of room before the vehicle in front of you, so you have time to stop if they suddenly slam on their brakes. In most situations, you should be able to count slowly to three by the time you get to a point (e.g. a sign or building) that the vehicle in front of you passes. If there's rain or you're towing a trailer, make three seconds four -- you'll need extra space to stop.

Back Up When Behind Large Trucks

When driving behind tractor-trailers and other large trucks, leave a little extra room between you and them. This will ensure they can see you in their mirrors, and you'll have an easier time seeing the road ahead. If you're too close to a truck, your vision will be blocked and you'll have a hard time making an emergency adjustment if necessary.

Watch for Stopping School Busses and Placarded Vehicles

Any time you're behind a school bus or placarded vehicle, watch its brake lights carefully. School buses, of course, stop to pick up and drop off kids, and both kinds of vehicles frequently stop at railroad crossings. You don't want to come up behind one of these vehicles too fast when it's slowing down for a required stop.

Slow Down When Others Are Tailgating You

If another driver starts tailgating you, there's unfortunately not a lot you can do to stop them. You can, however, slow down. They may still follow more closely than they should, but you'll be less likely to need to slam on the brakes. Reducing your speed by just 5 miles per hour can make a big difference.

Let Others Pass If They Want To

When you notice a driver behind you who wants to pass, let them. You don't need to pull over and stop, but it's a good idea to slow down when they go to pass. This will help them get around you faster and reduce the risk of an accident.

Contact a Las Vegas Traffic Accident Lawyer If You're in a Tailgating Accident

Despite these preventative measures, there's still a chance you could be in a tailgating accident. Should you be rear-ended, contact a Las Vegas traffic accident lawyer. Call the representatives at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez, the most experienced traffic accident lawyers in Las Vegas. During a free consultation, they'll review the circumstances of the accident with you and evaluate your case. Call 702-388-4476 to get started today.

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