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Let the Las Vegas Injury Law Form Handle Your Claim When Injured Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations thanks to its rich variety of attractions ranging from casinos to day pools. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of eager and excited tourists and thorough-city travelers suffer injuries like slip and falls during their Las Vegas experience. The following is a look at why it’s in your best interest to have a Las Vegas injury law firm handle your claim:

Seek Medical Attention & Gather Evidence

Slip and fall cases — such as those involving slippery stairs, poorly designed walkways, and high polished marble — and trip and fall cases — such as those involving hotel vacuum cords, poorly lit parking garages, and unleveled carpet or walkways — are among the most common vacation injuries, but they’re not the only ones. It’s important to remember that even if you were voluntarily engaged in an activity, such as operating a Jet Ski on Lake Mead or riding a thrill ride, it doesn’t always mean you are liable for injuries sustained during an accident. The owners and operators of recreational businesses bear the same responsibilities as other commercial businesses to ensure activities and the environment those activities take place in are relatively safe for the participants and guests.

If you’re injured, the first thing you should do is seek prompt medical attention for that injury. Get a full doctor’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Then, file an accident report with the property. This and other pieces of evidence, like eyewitness testimony and any video footage of the accident or scene will help support your claim. Your Las Vegas injury law firm can help you gather further evidence if needed.

Work with a Local Las Vegas Injury Law Firm

Once you have received appropriate medical attention, you will want to speak with a personal injury attorney who practices in the area where the injury occurred. This is important for two key reasons:

  • A Las Vegas injury law firm is knowledgeable about Las Vegas, local state and county laws, such as Nevada’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims and certain doctrines.
  • Vacation-related injuries are complex because both venue and jurisdiction are likely to be at issue. A court must have jurisdiction over both you and the alleged-negligent party in order to hear your case and must be an at appropriate venue, meaning one convenient for all parties. Because our Las Vegas injury law firm is eligible to work in Nevada and is based in Las Vegas, we are well adept at meeting those guidelines for a more succinct claim process.

For more information about vacation-related injuries, our Las Vegas injury law firm, or to schedule a free case consultation, contact GGRM today at 702-388-4476.

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