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Let Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas Explain; When do Accidents Become Personal Injury Claims?

Car Accident Injury

After being injured in an accident, you might find yourself wondering whether or not you can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for your injuries. This explanation by the personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas at GGRM Law Firm will help clarify what happens when accidents become personal injury claims.

What Types of Accidents May Become Personal Injury Claims in Nevada?

In the state of Nevada, you may be entitled to file for damages if you have been injured as the result of another party's negligence or recklessness. This may include, but is not limited to, automobile accidents, premises liability accidents, slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice.

Beginning the Personal Injury Claim

An accident becomes a personal injury claim when you contact qualified personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas. The first step in filing a personal injury claim is to prove another party is at fault for the accident which led to your injury.

A personal injury claim begins by establishing liability. The case must prove the party had a legal duty to the injured person and this duty was breached. For example, any driver has the duty to drive safely to protect other motorists on the road. If this duty is breached by texting while driving, speeding, or otherwise driving recklessly, this may prove their liability in a personal injury case.

Documenting the Injuries Sustained

After the party's liability has been established, the second step in a personal injury claim is to prove the victim has suffered injuries as a result of the incident. Because compensation depends on the extent and expense of the injuries, documentation such as medical records, medical bills, and physician’s statements can be used to prove the severity of the injuries. If there is long-term or permanent damage because of the accident, your personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas may also obtain statements from vocation or medical experts discussing the impact of the injuries on your daily life.

Contact the Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas

If you have been injured in an accident because of a negligent driver, or someone else's negligence, contact GGRM's personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation. The attorneys at GGRM can help you determine your options and get you started on the road to recovery.

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