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New Hit & Run Law This Holiday Season

Hit-and-runs are an unfortunately common occurrence, causing serious injuries and fatalities in many cases. Oftentimes it's impossible to determine whether the driver was intoxicated or sober at the time of the accident, as people who were intoxicated at the time of the accident may return at the scene once they've sobered up. Thus, the punishment is much less severe than it would be in many instances. During the holiday season, hit-and-run incidents tend to increase, causing devastation for families of victims when they should be celebrating.

Thankfully, a new law (NRS 484E) will be implemented this holiday season in Las Vegas to help discourage intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel, and apply equal punishment regardless of intoxication.

New Law Charges All Hit-and-Run Offenders with Equivalent of DUI

Metro law enforcement officers in Las Vegas have been unable to pin many hit-and-run drivers with impairment-related charges, even if they may have been impaired when they caused accidents. This season, the new Nevada law in effect will make it so certain hit-and-run drivers receive more severe charges, and face possible prison time for their offenses.

Specifically, if any hit-and-run drivers flee the scene of an accident that's responsible for the bodily harm of a pedestrian or another driver, they can receive the same charges one would receive for a drunk driving offense. Offenders could face up to 20 years in prison without probation whether sober or intoxicated at the time of the offense.

"Now we don't have to prove impairment," Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson stated.

This eliminates the need for additional investigation and treats all injury-causing hit-and-run accidents with equal severity. This is particularly good news when Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year tend to see a rise in hit-and-run deaths in which offenders don't often get the appropriate charges.

The new law discourages hit-and-run drivers from leaving the scene of an accident, removing any perceivable advantages of doing so. Many hit-and-run drivers are too scared of turning themselves in, but with the increased potential punishment, hopefully drivers will be more inclined to stay at the scene, or avoid driving intoxicated entirely.

Working to Eliminate Hit-and-Run Accidents

This new Nevada law is one step more states could implement to help reduce the instances of fleeing hit-and-run drivers and the overall number of these incidents. Thousands of people are either injured or killed by these types of accidents every year, but laws such as this will make it harder for offenders to get away.

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