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Paintball Players, Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys and the Law

Paintball is supposed to be fun but when something goes wrong, players may need to seek out the services of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

Millions of people play paintball even though some consider it controversial because of the risk players assume. This simulated combat game utilizes paintball guns, sometimes called markers, to shoot pellets filled with paint at opponents. Carbon dioxide propels the pellets and they explode when they hit the target.

Because the pellets are capable of traveling at speeds up to 200 mph, they can cause minimal to severe damage depending on what part of the body they hit. Minor injuries include bruises, welts, cuts and shortness of breath if a pellet hits the victim in the throat. The most common injuries are those to the eyes and ears. Eye injuries can include everything from bleeding to retinal detachment or swelling and bruising of the retina. Some can cause visual impairment or even blindness. Damage to the cartilage, a ruptured eardrum, tinnitus and hearing loss are among the ear injuries caused by the sport.

Negligence is the most common claim in a personal injury lawsuit and covers carelessness displayed by another player and failure of the facility to provide adequate safety gear. If the injury is due to a paintball gun or mask malfunction the lawyer may be able to make a product liability claim against the seller, distributor or manufacturer of the product.

If you receive injuries in a paintball accident and want to know if you are eligible for compensation for your damages, call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-GGRM (4476) for a free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer today.