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Parking Lot Safety Tips


The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Las Vegas residents already know this can be a bustling time as millions of out-of-towners flock to the city for a winter holiday while locals rush to shopping centers and boutiques to hunt for the perfect gifts.

There’s nothing quite like the holidays in Las Vegas. It’s exciting and fun, but it can also be hectic as drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians clog up roadways and parking lots. An event that can be a recipe for disaster and call the need for personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas.

Keep your belongings, your vehicle, and yourself safe this holiday season by practicing the following key parking lot safety tips:

  • Be smart about where you park. While most people try to nab the closest spot to the entrance of a store, this isn’t always the smartest place to park. If you think you’ll need a cart to carry out your purchases, then choose a spot within a couple car-lengths of a shopping cart return carousel. This will minimize the time you have to spend away from your newly bought goods. If you’re shopping at night, look for spots well illuminated. This will act as a deterrent for thieves, keep you safer when locking/unlocking your vehicle, and help prevent other cars from nicking yours for lack of visibility. If you or your vehicle are hit or otherwise injured due to bad lighting, then you might have a case for personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas.
  • Lock valuables in the trunk. It’s rare to be able to get all your shopping done in one place. Especially when it comes to holiday shopping. Before you lock your car door, ensure valuables you aren’t taking with you are carefully stowed in the trunk. If you’re making multiple stops, pack all your new treasures safely into your trunk or otherwise secure them out of sight and reach of thieves.
  • Get your GPS set before hitting the gas. GPS is an amazing tool that enables drivers to get where they need to go safer and quicker. However, it is important for drivers to never use a cell phone or other non-integrated electronic device whilst driving to prevent distraction. Distracted driving is the primary cause of pedestrian accidents and deaths. It is also a leading factor in automobile and bicycle accidents. So while it may be tempting to multi-task, best to configure your GPS-device while your car is in park. If you are the victim of an accident caused by distracted driving, then consider calling personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas for help in recovering.

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers can become victims of other peoples’ negligence or crimes. Should the worst happen, assert your rights and get the compensation you deserve by calling the expert personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas of GGRM at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation today.

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