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Personal Injury Law Firm in Las Vegas Protects Taxi Cab Victim’s Rights

A personal injury law firm in Las Vegas can fight for your rights should you be injured due to a negligent taxi driver's or cab company's actions. Some facts you should know:
  • Although Nevada has a seat belt law, it does not mandate seat belt use in a civil case
  • In many cases, seat belts are not available in the backseat of a taxi cab
  • Tourists are often the victims of most taxi cab accidents
  • Typical injuries are back and neck injuries as well as feet, leg and shin injuries
  • The most common taxi cab injury seen in the Vegas area is when a cab runs over someone's foot
  • When a foot is run over by a taxi cab, the result can be crushed bones, tendons and ligaments. Both nerve and permanent damage can occur
At times a taxi cab accident is not solely the fault of the driver. Brake failure, poor cab maintenance and another driver may be at fault. Regardless of how the accident occurred, choosing an expert personal injury law firm in Las Vegas to handle your claim will help you get to the root of the problem.

Should Pedestrians Call a Personal Injury Law Firm in Las Vegas?

While passengers are usually the victim of a taxi cab accident, pedestrians should contact a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas if they've been hit. Because taxi drivers are in such a rush to get from job to job, they may not see pedestrians in the street or ignore them, thinking they will move out of the way. Typical victims are:
  • Bicycle riders traveling in the bike lane are also vulnerable to taxi cab accidents if the cab swerves into the bike lane
  • Tourists who may not have knowledge of certain crosswalks and areas in Vegas
  • Clusters of pedestrians crossing a busy Vegas street have been hit by a rushed cab driver
  • Children are often victims of pedestrian cab accidents if they step off the sidewalk or run into the street

Contact a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas if you've been the victim of a taxi cab accident. Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm for a free consultation. Call us at 702-388-GGRM (4476).