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Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas Explain Proposed Driverless Vehicles and Accidents Law

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As driverless vehicles continue to advance, several agencies in Nevada are forming bills that would govern the operation of computer-driven vehicles. Once enacted, these laws will impact the operation of driverless vehicles and the adjudication of accidents involving them. Personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas discuss the laws proposed.

The Agencies Developing Bills

Thus far, two agencies have developed proposals that will go before the Nevada Legislature. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, of course, has been considering how to handle driverless vehicles for some time and has a proposal.

The Governor's Office of Economic Development also has a proposal. The Office of Economic Development’s interest stems from its role in luring businesses to Nevada. Driverless vehicles have major potential benefits for companies, so how the state addresses their operation will significantly impact the office’s ability to attract businesses.

Both proposals are set to be heard by the state legislature, which is expected to combine the two bills into one. Of course, changes may be made to either (or both) proposals once it's being discussed on the floor.

Two Primary Components in the Bills

While the bills are still in draft state and have many intricacies, there are two main components that account for a large portion of these proposals.

First, manufacturers of computer-driven vehicles will likely be required to carry bonds worth at least $5 million if they want their vehicles to be tested or operated in the state. Making each manufacturer carry a large bond helps ensure they'll have funds available to pay claims if their vehicles malfunction and cause accidents. (Malfunctioning could include computer errors or other problems.)

Second, Nevada is expected to require that an actual person is ready to take control at a moment's notice. This is an imperfect system, as a person might not be quite as responsive as they would be if they were actively driving a vehicle. Nevertheless, having a person ready to take control is the best backup plan the State has thus far.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas Who Are Following These Proposals

If you're injured in an auto accident involving a driverless (or computer-driven) vehicle, contact Greenman, Goldberg Raby & Martinez at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation. We're experienced personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, and we're staying ahead of all developments related to computer-driven vehicles. Should you ever be hurt by a computer malfunction or other issue, we at GGRM will know how to investigate the accident, argue your case and apply any applicable new laws so they benefit you.

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