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Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas Explain the Unfair Practice in Settling Claims

Fair Practices

Every state has laws in place meant to protect consumers from unfair, discriminatory, or deceptive personal injury insurance practices. Two of the most common ways insurance companies may try to avoid paying you what you're entitled to is by delaying the processing of your claim and forcing you into a lawsuit to obtain compensation. When your own insurance company wrongly denies a claim in the State of Nevada, the existing regulations and a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you get the law to work in your favor against your insurer.

Unfair Practices in Las Vegas Personal Injury Cases

Unfair claims practices are similar from state to state, as are the laws that prohibit them. Developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the universal forbidden practices are often tweaked by individual states, so it's important to talk with a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with Nevada's own Unfair Claim Practices law.

Nevada's statute, Nev. Rev. Stat. § 686A.310, identifies 15 unfair practices by insurance companies that wrongly deny a claim, briefly summarized in layman's term here:

  • Misrepresentation of pertinent facts related to your coverage.
  • Failure to respond or act reasonably promptly to communications from you.
  • Failure to promptly investigate and process your claim.
  • Failure to timely affirm or deny coverage of your claim once necessary paperwork is filed.
  • Failure to fairly settle your claim once liability becomes clear.
  • Take actions that compel you to institute litigation to get your fair settlement.
  • Attempt to settle your claim for less than what is deemed reasonable.
  • Attempt to settle your claim based on an application someone other than you revised.
  • Failure to inform you what coverage applies to a payment they make to you.
  • Tell you they appeal arbitration awards to force you to accept less than you're entitled to.
  • Delay your claim by asking for duplicate claim reports from your doctor.
  • Failure to promptly settle your claim under the proper policy coverage.
  • Failure to give you a prompt explanation for denial or inadequate settlement offer.
  • Advise you not to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.
  • Mislead you on any applicable statute of limitations for your claim.

Contact GGRM, Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

In Nevada, you can bring a lawsuit for bad faith under tort law, or bring a claim based on the Unfair Claim Practices statute, if your insurer unreasonably refuses to compensate you for a loss covered by a policy. If you believe you have intentionally been denied a fair settlement on your personal injury claim, experienced personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas can help. To learn more, contact the lawyers at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez and they'll show you the way to a fair and successful conclusion of your claim. Call GGRM at 702-388-4476 for a free legal consultation today.

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