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Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokemon Go is a new app for cell phones that released in July. The game requires the user to walk around and collect different characters and locations to level up in the game. People across the country have experienced an assortment of problematic occurrences while playing the game. You’re not likely to find an injury attorney in Las Vegas who has not already read up on the implications and situations that can occur when people play Pokemon Go.


If you’re ready to start capturing your collection of Pokemon, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do Not Play Alone. 

    This is certainly a game that plays on the phrase “the more the merrier.” The more people you play with (physically, not virtually), the more likely you are to stay safe if an unexpected situation arises. You may meet some fun friends along the way, but be sure to have a few folks you already know with you when you go on your adventures. A friend may catch you as you start to walk into traffic if you get distracted, and a group of friends could deter unsavory individuals.

    Remember, there is safety in numbers.

  • Bring the Bare Essentials. 

    If you are heading out to hunt for Pokemon, leave your valuables behind. Your watches, rings, jewelry, credit cards, and other important items are best left by your bedside in your home while you seek your mobile treasures./

    By default, you will be distracted while playing this game, and may not be as aware of your surroundings. This leaves you vulnerable to thievery if someone spots something of value while you’re wandering around.

  • Avoid Unlit Spaces. 

    Rarer Pokemon seem to live in remote places. Dark alleys and remote ponds you wouldn’t otherwise venture into may suddenly become ideal spots where you want to spend your evening.

    Keep your common sense in check, and evaluate each PokeStop before you start your trek. If you wouldn’t go to that spot without the game, don’t head there now!

  • Leave Your Headphones at Home. 

    The game is already distracting enough; if you add headphones to the mix, you may find yourself in dangerous situations. You might not hear a horn honk if you step out in front of traffic, or you may miss someone yelling that danger is around you.

    If you are going to be immersed in the game, give yourself the advantage of being able to hear what’s going on around you by leaving the ear-buds at home.

Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas

If you have been hurt while playing Pokemon Go, consider contacting a injury attorney in Las Vegas who can help you assess your situation and determine if you may be due payment for damages.

Curious if you have a case? Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476, where you will find an injury attorney in Las Vegas who will help you understand the coordinates of your potential case.