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What Qualifies as a Burn Injury in a Workers’ Comp Case

Burn Injury

Most people can expect to experience the occasional and relatively insignificant burn injury from routine household activities such as cooking. However, not all burns are normal and some are so severe they can cause a great deal of pain and suffering, and sometimes even death. Most of these more serious burn incidents may occur at work and around heavy equipment, hazardous chemicals, and dangerous electrical situations. According to OSHA, more than 5,000 workers are hospitalized every year after suffering burns at work, with 200 of those injuries ultimately proving fatal.

If you have suffered an accident and have been burned as a result, it is good to know the difference between minor and more serious burns, how they're classified, and what steps you can take in a filing a claim with Las Vegas workers comp lawyers.

Types of Burns

The medical community categorizes burns into four primary types:

  • Thermal Burns. Thermal burns include any burn caused when a person comes into direct or close contact with an open flame or super hot object. These burns are caused by heat transferring directly to the skin and causing damage.
  • Scalding Burns. Scalding burns are most common in kitchen environments. They are defined as burns caused when skin comes into direct contact with a hot liquid or gas. For instance, cooking oil being used to fry often results in minor scald burns for the unwary.
  • Chemical Burns. Chemical burns can be especially dangerous as the threat of injury isn't always made clear to employees handling chemicals. Chemical burns often don't involve heat sources, instead, when the skin comes into contact with various types of chemicals (or specific combinations of chemicals) they cause damage to tissue similar to the aforementioned types of burns. Some chemical burns can even be caused by a person simply inhaling toxic chemical vapors.
  • Electrical Burns. Electrical burns are also a very serious and dangerous type of injury not only because they rarely involve heat, but also because electricity can cause unseen and extensive damage to internal tissues and organs. Even if there is only minor burn damage seen on the skin, it is of utmost importance for victims of this type of burn to seek immediate medical attention. Only a trained medical professional will be able to determine the true total damage done to the body following an electricity-involved accident.

Contact the Las Vegas Workers' Comp Lawyers

If you have suffered second- or third-degree burns while at work or performing work duties, then it is time for you to call your Las Vegas workers comp lawyers. Second- and third-degree burns can take weeks, sometimes months to heal. In severe cases, you may require skin grafts and overnight hospitalization. A workers comp claim will ensure you receive appropriate recompensation, particularly if they were caused by someone's negligence.

Contact GGRM, at 702-388-4476, your local Las Vegas workers comp lawyers, to learn more and for a free consultation.

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