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Reasons Your Insurance Claim May be Denied

Filing a car insurance claim should be a simple process – you send a claim into your insurance company and they promptly pay you. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons and if they do, entrust an auto lawyer in Las Vegas to get the settlement you’re entitled to. From an expired insurance policy to an excluded driver, here are some of the common reasons insurers might reject your claim:

Insurance Policy

  • Lapsed Insurance Policy. The most common reason for a denied auto insurance claim is because your coverage has lapsed. Many drivers mistakenly think there is a "grace period" for making an auto insurance payment, but if you’re not paying your insurance bill on its due date, the insurer is not protecting you.
  • Excluded Drivers. Your insurance company may claim that, although your policy covers most family members, the at-fault driver isn’t covered. This often happens when a child drives a parent’s car, but the insurance policy does not list the child as an additional driver.
  • Failure to Report an Incident. Insurers may claim you didn’t report an accident on time, making their research into the accident impossible.
  • Disputed Liability. Your insurance adjuster may dispute who is at fault, or believe the damages you are claiming are not covered.
  • Failure to Get Medical Attention. If you wait to seek medical help, you might have a harder time getting reimbursed for care. Insurers often question if a person’s injuries are accident related if the victim waited before going to the doctor or hospital.
  • Suspected Fraud. If your insurance company believes you or another party to the accident is trying to defraud it, it will stop the claim to conduct further investigation.
  • License Suspension or Revocation. If your driver’s license has expired, it’s possible your insurer will deny your claim.

Keep in mind insurance companies experience fraud, so it’s common for them to want more information before paying a claim.

Professional Help & Advice from an Auto Lawyer in Las Vegas

No matter what reason your insurance company gives for a denial, make sure you demand a written explanation from the claims adjuster. Claims can be denied for legitimate reasons, but if you feel your claim was wrongfully denied, you should talk to an experienced auto lawyer in Las Vegas. This is especially important if damages are extensive. There are cases where insurance companies can be sued for bad faith insurance practices and breach of contract.

If your insurance company has denied a recently filed claim, contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Accident Injury Attorneys today at 702-388-4476 for a free consultation. Learn how an experienced auto lawyer in Las Vegas can help you get the reimbursement you’re entitled to.

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