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Who is Responsible for Faulty Roads Leading to Vehicular Damage?

Car Damage From Road

When it comes to damage to your vehicle due to a pothole, cracks in the road or other issues from the road not being up to standard in Nevada, who is responsible?

The answer to this question is not clear. While the state of Nevada may allow you to submit a claim through the Attorney Generals website, this does not mean they will take responsibility and pay for the damage.

Many states across the country including Nevada have very strict guidelines as to when they will pay for vehicular damage from a faulty road. In fact, going through the process can be a huge headache with a lackluster result, however it doesn't mean you shouldn't try, you may just want to look into accident attorneys in Las Vegas to help determine if you have a case.

Times When a Claim May be Paid

There are a few things the local or state government will take into consideration when looking at a claim.

  • Was the Issue Known to Them - If the city, county or state knew about the road problem earlier and did nothing about it, they could be held liable.
  • Was the Issue Fixed in a Timely Manner - If an issue was reported and was not fixed within a timely manner, liability may be established.
  • Was the Road Defect the Main Cause of Damage - If you can prove the road defect was the main cause of the damage to your car, you may have a case.

In the past there were reports of cars being damaged by loose water valve cover fasteners in the Las Vegas area. These were discounted and never paid due to the fact that the water company claimed they never knew of the issue before the accidents. It is important to have as much evidence as possible when filing a claim like this.

Looking for Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas?

If you are looking to submit a claim for vehicular damage due to an issue with a Nevada road, our team of accident attorneys in Las Vegas can help. Contact GGRM at 702-388-4476 with any evidence and proof you have of the accident.

We will discuss your claim with you and work hard to fight for your reimbursement due to damage from the city, county and state roads.

Contact the team of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, Accident Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas, to get the compensation you deserve.

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