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Roller Coaster Safety Tips

Whether it's at a small carnival or large amusement park, roller coasters provide some classic, family-friendly fun. Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez injury law firm in Las Vegas wants to be sure your family enjoys the entertainment safely. Below are four roller coaster safety tips to protect yourself while at an amusement park.

1. Check the Requirements

All roller coasters should have stated limits and requirements including age, height, and weight. There should also be warnings for any specific health conditions that may make riding a particular coaster hazardous. Always read the posted warnings and follow them. Trying to bend the rules may result in injuries.

2. Stay Seated

While a ride is moving, it's imperative for your entire body--arms, hands, legs, and head--to stay inside the ride. Some rides will allow putting your arms up or are constructed to let your legs hang free. However, for optimal safety, remain seated with all safety equipment in place until you've come to a complete stop. Avoid neck injuries by keeping your head up and facing forward as sudden changes in speed and direction can be dangerous.

3. Check the Maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance are required for all entertainment rides. If you see any signs a roller coaster has not been maintained properly, stay off. You also want to stay away from rides with an operator who may seem intoxicated or distracted from running the equipment properly and safely. If you notice this behavior you should contact a park manager immediately.

4. Self-Care

A long day at the amusement park can make you forget to take care of yourself as you're distracted by fun and games. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will prevent dehydration and exhaustion and reduce your risk of injury or illness. It's also important to take breaks between rides to give your body a chance to recover. If you start to feel sick or weak, take a break and wait until you feel better before trying another ride.

Call an Injury Law Firm in Las Vegas

If you become injured from a roller coaster or other amusement park attraction, contact the injury law firm in Las Vegas, GGRM. From broken bones to concussions, we will help you get the compensation you need to get you back on your feet. To learn more or to find out if you have a case, take our FREE QUIZ today!