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Safety Tips for Safe Tailgating

Loyal UNLV Rebels fans know one of the best ways to get fired up before a game is to fire up a grill in the parking lot – a proud tradition known as tailgating. Allow the Las Vegas personal injury law firm of, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, to help keep you safe by sharing some food precautions and game-day safety tips so you’re ready to roar every time the Rebels take the field.

Practice Smart Food Safety

  • Ensure coolers are clean and free of water (and possible mildew).
  • Put perishable and non-perishable food in separate cooler sections.
  • Separate raw fruits from raw vegetables.
  • Wrap and carefully seal sandwiches and other prepared foods.
  • Pack mayonnaise and items made with mayonnaise (such as potato salad) last.
  • Pack a food thermometer (so you can test the internal temperature of grilled meat or chicken; both should reach 160 degrees).
  • If you’re bringing hamburgers to your tailgate party, choose pre-formed patties to minimize the handling of raw meat.
  • Use a hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipe after handling raw food.
  • Clean your hands after touching raw meat, and throw away any meat that falls to the ground or touches an unclean surface.
  • If you’re using a charcoal grill, consider instant light charcoal. It costs more than regular charcoal, but it eliminates the need for lighter fluid.
  • After grilling, refrigerate food within two hours. (After this time, bacteria forms quickly on food and may be unhealthy to eat.) Elongate the “save time” of heated foods by storing them in a slow cooker until you get home and can refrigerate them properly.
  • As you reload your refrigerator at home, remember a food safety maxim from the U.S. Department of Agriculture: : “When in doubt, throw it out.

Practice Smart Tailgating Safety

  • Choose a designated driver.
  • Drink responsibly, pacing yourself based on your presumed schedule for the day. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and refrain from pairing alcohol with energy drinks since the latter can intensify the effects of alcohol.
  • Shield yourself from the sun – and the potential for a heat illnessby wearing appropriate clothing and applying sunscreen.
  • Protect your valuables. It’s easy to think “everybody” is your buddy at a tailgating party. Some thieves count on people to become distracted as they drink and socialize with their friends; this is when thieves make their move. Keep money, credit cards, your IDs and even your keys in a safe place at all times.
  • Dispose of trash and hot coals in their designated containers. Placing trash in the wrong container could have devastating results.

Contact the Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm of GGRM

The UNLV Rebels need your support, and using these safety tips will help keep you healthy and safe all-season long. If by some chance you do suffer an injury, turn to the most experienced Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez. Just as you’re the Rebels' best advocate, we’re the best advocates if you suffer a personal injury. Call 702-388-4476 for a free legal consultation.