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The Stages of a Las Vegas Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Law

If you're contemplating the pursuit of a personal injury lawsuit, your gut instinct may be telling you you're about to embark on a process that cannot – and should not – be rushed.

Your instinct serves you well, for there are nine principal stages to a personal injury case that take time to properly investigate and manage. When you have the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas at your side, they will share your desire for an expeditious outcome and will educate you about the stages through which most personal injury cases progress:

  • Stage 1: Seeking medical treatment. You might be surprised by how many people overlook this fundamental and crucial step. You cannot afford to, for the sake of your well being, primarily, but also because failing to do so could jeopardize your personal injury case. Seeking medical treatment and documenting the diagnosis, treatment recommendations and any prescriptions is vital.
  • Stage 2: Hiring the most experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. You want and need a lawyer who is highly skilled in the many nuances of personal injury law and who will become your best advocate.
  • Stage 3: Reviewing your case in its totality. During an initial meeting, your lawyer should conduct a comprehensive review of all the facts of your case. The goal: to determine how likely your case is to succeed and how to proceed from this point forward.
  • Stage 4: Sending a letter of demand. If your lawyer decides to try to settle your case out of court, he will send a letter of demand, which expresses just that: a demand for compensation from the person or company responsible for your injury.
  • Stage 5: Negotiating with the defendant's insurance company.
  • Stage 6: Initiating a lawsuit if the two parties cannot come to terms. Some lawyers move directly to this step, skipping the letter of demand. When you hire the most knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, they will explain the rationale, based on their experience with Las Vegas personal injury cases.
  • Stage 7: Launching the discovery and information exchange stage. This step especially requires patience as the parties question each other and all third parties and witnesses to collect statements, depositions, and other evidence.
  • Stage 8: Making a last-ditch effort at reaching a settlement. Sometimes, a third-party lawyer, known as a mediator, can mediate the dispute before a personal injury case proceeds to trial.
  • Stage 9: Going to trial. A personal injury trial can last days or weeks, depending on the nature and complexity of the case – another reason you want to ensure you have the most accomplished personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas at your side from the very beginning.

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